Kylan Johnson

Portrait of Kylan Johnson

Kylan Johnson
  • Computer Science
  • Civil Engineering

Class of: 2008

International Math Contest Winner

Degree: Civil Engineering - 2008

Current Work: Senior Software Engineer

Brief description of responsibilities:
As a Senior Software Engineer, I lead the design and development of a couple of software applications for internal research and development. The application domain consists of Android applications, custom software defined radios and web services (such as HTTP, AJAX, JQuery). I am also responsible for briefing prospective customers as well as internal directors.

Briefly describe one of your more interesting projects or assignments to date:
My most interesting project is one where it was literally just me... I was the lead designer, developer, presenter, and program manager. It was a tiny program where they wanted a rapidly developed prototype. It was a quick turn around and I got to travel to the site to install it.

Briefly describe a notable memory from your days at Carroll:
I tell everyone how helpful Steve Harper's circle sessions were. You'd set us around code and we'd just have to make educated guesses as to what it does. It truly has helped me tons. I also will never forget Phil Rose using all the characters from LoTR as variables.. classic.

A piece of advice for prospective Carroll Computer Science students:
Never be afraid to learn (or for that matter say you don't know something). People will appreciate sincerity and hard work and, when you focus on both, you end up being a great engineer. Also, focus on problem solving. Engineers are paid (or should be) for creating simple solutions to hard problems. Never be settled with complacency or anything short of awesome! (Lastly... math will help you out... don't fall asleep in class!)