Kong, Victoria

Photo of Victoria Kong

Victoria Kong
  • Chemistry

Class of: 2017

Victoria Kong is a PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh in Inorganic Chemistry.  Post-graduation she hopes to live abroad, and more specifically, do research in the field of conservation science. Victoria is interested in conducting research in the field of art conservation and helping develop new methods to preserve and restore art works. She spent a gap year traveling across Europe before heading to grad school.

"I think my education at Carroll, and specifically the requirement to take classes outside of my major, has allowed me to connect with so many more people. My time in the honors program reading some of the most important works of history has come in handy, especially when I get to visit the places and countries that have had so much of an influence on the literature that we read.

Now that I am at graduate school, my time at Carroll has had an effect on my success. Especially with the Integrated Lab course, I came to this next phase of my education comfortable reading scientific literature in my field and talking with other professors and students about the material. I feel prepared asking questions and starting conversations with professors in my program, just because of  the close- knit feel in the Carroll chem program, and the professors' openness with students. I truly believe that Carroll has made a huge impact in the direction my life is headed, and is the reason I'm even in graduate school for chemistry at all!"