Kelsey Fallis

Portrait of Kelsey Fallis Outside

Kelsey  Fallis
  • English

Class of: 2014

Shortly after graduation in 2014, I accepted a position as a grant and development writer here at Carroll College.  I didn’t set out my freshman year to major in English with the end goal of becoming a grant writer, but Carroll’s courses and faculty prepared me to find success wherever I landed.

Sure, we studied theories and literature of all types.  We wrote technically and creatively then backed our claims with solid sources.  We constructed PowerPoints and sweated our way through presentations and group projects.  We beamed as we turned in our research papers, and we argued our way through class discussions.  We mastered the art of skimming but painstakingly double-checked our comma placement.  Together, we panicked about futures while pretending we had a fail-proof plan to find prosperity.  Yet, through all of our work, we never realized that the true value of an English major lies in learning to question the world around us and in acknowledging the value of common human experiences.

During our Carroll careers, we worked with professors who pushed us to inquire further and encouraged us to purse topics that turned us passionate.  We benefited from classes consisting of a handful of classmates and from faculty with open door policies.  Our graded papers, bleeding red ink, made us better writers, readers, and thinkers.  I urge you to consider earning a degree in English.  It has equipped me with the critical thinking skills needed in any career path, a deeper understanding of myself and those around me, and the tools to effectively problem solve.  Carroll College is filled with people dedicated to your success, and you are unlikely to find a better place to pursue an English degree.