Kayvonne Vaver

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Kayvonne Vaver
  • Health Sciences
  • Public Health

Class of: 2015

Before attending Carroll, I was never a student who thrived in the academic world. I had challenges in believing in myself or even believing that I would ever graduate college. Through the years, professors in the Public Health program had so much patience and kindness, and provided me with amazing challenges academically that gave me confidence in who I was as a person and a student. Carroll College led me to find my passion to be an advocate for Mental Health across the age spectrum.

Over the past few years since graduating, I have worked as a Health Service Specialist at a Early Headstart/Headstart program in a low income area, and as the Life Enrichment/Community Relations Director for an Assisted Living/Memory care facility. I have learned so much from my positions, but was able to be successful in both due to the challenges, support, and education I received from my experience in the Public Health Program.