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Jesica Bauer
  • Mathematics

Class of: 2018

Jesica Bauer, a 2018 graduate and former math modeling team member, received some wonderful news from the National Science Foundation regarding an NSF graduate research fellowship. I asked Jesica to provide a follow up on this wonderful news which you will find below:

This year, the NSF GRFP awarded 2,076 fellowships, about 100 of which were offered in mathematics and only 15 of which were awarded to applied mathematics. Under the direction of Dr. John Mitchell at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, I am using new deep learning techniques to solve difficult optimization problems, such as the vehicle routing problem and meta-surface development. A method which can quickly generate solutions to these sorts of problems is highly sought after by both the public and private seconds, as these problems do impact our daily lives. Utilizing deep learning techniques may allow us to generate solutions to these problems and solve the problem in a much more efficient way than the current methods allow.

A big 'thank you' is due to the mathematics department at Carroll. The sheer amount of opportunities that are made by the mathematics faculty (presenting at conferences, working as a lab aide, consultation work through Math in the Mountains, the COMAP MCM/ICM competition, etc.) is unparalleled. These chances really help a student stand out from the crowd and I cannot thank them enough for all the work they put in to ensure their students succeed.