Jenna Starke

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Jenna Starke
  • Anthrozoology
  • Health Sciences
  • Public Health

Class of: 2019

I graduated Carroll in December, 2019 and began medical school in Fall of 2020. I am currently a first year medical student at the University of Washington School of Medicine Montana WWAMI program.

My time at Carroll College was foundational and formative in shaping me into the person I am today. I was a double major in Health Sciences and Anthrozoology with a minor in Biology. For most of my time at Carroll, I thought I would be applying to physical therapy school, which is why I chose Health Sciences. I changed plans my senior year and decided to apply to medical school instead. While most pre-med students choose a more biology-focused major, I am extremely grateful for the Health Sciences education I received at Carroll. It has not only prepared me with the science coursework necessary for my med school curriculum, but has also given me a well-rounded, advanced perspective on healthcare that many of my med school classmates have not received. Ultimately, this will allow me to best help my patients as a physician. 

Additionally, I chose to study Anthrozoology because I love animals and enjoyed learning about the many facets of human-animal interactions. Being a double major gave me balance in my coursework and made me a unique applicant to med school with a liberal arts education background. 

The personalized advising I received in the Health Sciences department was phenomenal! The faculty took the time to get to know me personally, to learn my goals, and to help me each step of the way up to graduation and an acceptance into grad school. 

Finally, Carroll not only gave me the opportunity to grow academically (Health Sciences; summer research; internships), but also spiritually (Campus Ministry; Chi Alpha; Pilgrimage), physically (volleyball, CAMP), and in service (leadership opportunities; service trips). All of these experiences have prepared me to serve those around me now and as a physician in the future. I cannot say enough about what my time at Carroll meant to me and how grateful I am for the time I spent there. It will always hold a special place in my heart!