Jared Thielke

Jared Thielke

Jared Thielke
  • Psychology

Class of: 2015

Bio: I transferred to Carroll College after attending the University of Saint Mary, Leavenworth, KS, my first year (2013-2014). At Carroll I assisted professors with teaching and research, allowing me to conduct and present 3 research projects at the Student Undergraduate Research Festival. I have one semester's experience as a Psychology Tutor, serving students attending Carroll College. I was also selected to enter a course that allowed me to volunteer at the VA Medical Center-Fort Harrison, which gave me clinical experience working with clinicians serving inpatient cohorts of veterans who were suffering from PTSD and/or substance abuse.

Questions: What do you feel is unique about the Carroll College Psychology program?

Answer: I thought a number of things made Carroll's psychology program unique. The professors were more than just mentors to me, rather they became my friends as I got to know them and as they got to know me more personally. I strongly believe that the close personal relationship with them helped motivate me to want to learn more and to always provide them with work that best reflected my knowledge and understanding of the material. In better words, I was not doing the work because I was motivated to get a good grade, I was motivated to show them that I could comprehend the material and apply it in various ways outside of what was taught in class. Dr. Honzel, Dr. Angel, and Dr. Winegard all had a strong passion for what they were teaching and enjoyed teaching it by integrating their background expertise into the course, which made me enjoy learning the material and gave me a chance to see some of the same topics from difference perspectives. What I really enjoyed about the program was the fact that it made me see psychology more as a field of science rather than thinking of the typical councilor role most people might think of when thinking about psychology. I believe Carroll's curriculum gave me the opportunity to explore more career options than typical state schools that might just focus on the basics of each field.