Izzy Geraghty

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Izzy Geraghty
  • Psychology

Class of: 2018

My name is Isabella “Izzy” Geraghty. My family and I moved around a lot but we eventually settled down in Las Vegas, NV. During my time living in Las Vegas, I went through certain obstacles in my life that inspired me to want to help others. Therefore, going the clinical route and figuring what that would look like for me was something that studying Psychology would help me with. 


Also, during my time in Las Vegas, I was attending a small high school, something I felt very grounded in. To me, I believed that I needed to have a college fitting of that nature. Carroll happened to cross paths during my college search and the rest is history. 


Currently, I am about to enter my final semester of my Master’s program at Syracuse University. There I am studying Marriage and Family Therapy. During my time at Carroll, I discovered my passion was in family systems and how that can individuals today. After my time with the program ends in May, I plan to stay in Syracuse and work for my internship site, an OMH (Office of Mental Health) site. My long-term goal following this is to work with Veterans Affairs (VA) and help our military personnel, their families, and their partners. 

The Carroll Psychology Department is something I will never forget. They helped me with everything and anything ranging to adjusting to college and applying to graduate school. They are so supportive and helped me discover what I wanted to do!