George Thomas

Portrait of Bishop George Leo Thomas

George Thomas
  • English
  • English Literature
  • English Writing

Class of: 1972

During the past thirty five years, I have served the Church as priest and bishop. 

The path to priesthood requires many years of graduate study. After ordination, a priest's pastoral responsibilities often entail a demanding schedule of writing, study, and public speaking.

As a former English major at Carroll College (Class of '72), I felt particularly well prepared for the demands of seminary, graduate school, and priestly ministry.

The English Department at Carroll introduces students to the rich and expansive world of literature, and provides them with an array of skills in literary criticism, creative and expository writing, research methods and critical thinking.

A major in English gives the student a capacity to communicate well in a complex and demanding workplace. English majors who are considering careers in law, teaching, religious life, public relations, journalism, technical writing, or other graduate programs will stand on a firm intellectual foundation.

Carroll College students are the beneficiaries of a highly gifted faculty, ready and willing to assist their student in academic formation and professional development. I will be ever grateful to those English Department professors who taught me and my fellow students yesteryear - Professors Hank Burgess, Jack Semmens, Joseph Ward, Mary Frances Jeske, Robert Heywood, and Sister Miriam Clare Roesler.

As a Carroll College graduate, I encourage those students majoring in English to persevere in their studies, and to those still discerning a major to consider the English program at Carroll College. You will be well prepared to meet the future with skill, acumen, and confidence.

Blessings, Most Reverend George Leo Thomas, Ph.D. Bishop of Helena