Esmeralda Vladimirova

Esmeralda Vladimirova Portrait

Esmeralda Vladimirova
  • Psychology

Class of: 2019

I graduated from Carroll in 2019 with my Bachelor's in Psychology. I can honestly say that the faculty at Carroll does a fantastic job supporting students and helping them achieve their goals. I would not have found a passion for teaching if it were not for the Psychology Department professors at Carroll. Throughout my time in Carroll, I was presented with many opportunities to further immerse myself in psychology. The research I got to run, the teaching assistantships I had, and the hands-on experiences I gained from professors that genuinely love psychology only fueled my desire to continue within the field. 

After graduating in May of 2019, I started a Master’s of Mental Health Counseling program at Central Washington University in the Fall of that same year. I was one of seven to be enrolled in the program and the only one within my cohort to be given a graduate assistantship. The credentials I obtained from Carroll helped me become a strong candidate who got into graduate school and who was also able to transition into a different Master's program. By the end of my first year within my CACREP program, I decided that teaching psychology is my passion and transferred into my current program, the Master’s of Experimental Psychology, also within Central Washington University. This degree will allow me to teach psychology in community colleges, some four-year universities and continue research within the psychology field. If it were not for Carroll's extensive emphasis on research, I do not think I would have been able to transition into this new program so easily. The fundamentals you learn at Carroll regarding analyzing and conducting research are also critical if you wish to continue your education beyond the undergraduate level. Another tool that Carroll gave me that deserves acknowledgment is professionalism. The change I have seen in my professionalism has amazed me ever since I graduated from Carroll and entered graduate school. Not only in behavior and speech but also in my writing. I give my wholehearted thanks to Carroll's Psychology Department for giving me the resources I needed and more to achieve my goals. I plan to graduate a year ahead of my current cohort and hope to defend my thesis by the end of this coming year, Spring 2021. Once I settle into a career within the field, I hope to reach out to the faculty and give them my deepest thanks.