Emily Hutchens

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Emily Hutchens
  • Computer Science

Class of: 2018

Description of Responsibilities:
Even though I wish I was back in Ireland or Montana, I am sure loving my new life in the working
world here in Rainy Seattle! Since graduating in May 2018 I have started a position as a Project
Coordinator at a company called OpenSquare in Seattle, WA. I'm involved in the project management
piece of furnishing Amazon Office Spaces all over the country. My CIS degree and project
management certificate has definitely created a strong foundation for what I am doing now. It has
prepared me in not only in the knowledge I needed but the skills in working in team environment,
keeping organized, solving problems etc. 

Every day I am thankful and blessed to have chosen to go to Carroll and to have the pleasure of
getting my degree in CIS and meeting you teachers. I feel that you have given me a broad skillset to
thrive in any job environment. I have learned so much in my current job and owe it to you for pushing
me and getting me through. Carroll students are extremely lucky having teachers like you who make
our dreams as students tangible. So thank you for everything you do!