Elizabeth Ternes

Elizabeth Baker on the beach with the ocean in the background

Elizabeth Ternes
  • French
  • History
  • International Relations

Class of: 2013

Elizabeth Ternes graduated from Carroll in 2013 with majors in French and History. During her time at Carroll, she studied abroad in Caen, France. After graduation, she taught English in France as part of the TAPIF program. She completed a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Montana in 2015, and is currently living in Washington, D.C., where she works for the U.S. Department of State.

I would encourage everyone to seek out opportunities to study or live abroad. The experience is different for everyone, but whether you are studying, working, or just adventuring, experiencing a different culture and meeting people with different backgrounds and world views will broaden your view of the world and your home. I can't say enough about the personal and professional opportunities that I have had because I lived abroad and spoke another language.
- Elizabeth Ternes