Dempsey Rogers

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Dempsey Rogers
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Class of: 2016

"I studied math and physics at Carroll (graduating in 2016). What I found is that the only people who work harder than the students are the professors, and this is especially true in the Physics and Math Departments.

Starting out my first year, Drs. Cline and Keeffe and Szpilka helped me find a way to forge a path towards a double major, making sure that my degree plan was timed perfectly, and that it was even possible. While I was falling in love with quantum, ENM, and optics, I would often need help. I’d visit the respective teachers between three and fifty times a day during their office hours, and never once was I turned away when I needed help.

Later on, during my junior year, Cline even found funding for me to do some research at Carroll. We started studying nuclear fusion as a possible energy source and ended up doing a computational study that modeled the inside of a tokamak, which is a nuclear fusion device. Throughout this project, I discovered that I had a love for plasma physics and that I really needed to go on to grad school.

With the support of my professors I was able to study, take the GRE, and get into the University of Colorado of Colorado Springs last semester and later on into my dream program at the university of Alaska this semester. Today was literally my first day pursuing my PHD in plasma physics with the intention of making fossil fuel obsolete. Today was a big step towards my hopes, goals, and dreams. I started on that path clear back in the physics department at Carroll."