Darren Hecker

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Darren Hecker Hecker
  • Health Sciences
  • Public Health

Class of: 2018

In the Fall of 2018, I accepted a position as a Laboratory Technician for Neogen Corporation in Lincoln, Nebraska. Neogen deals with animal safety, food safety, genomics, life sciences, and toxicology. As a Laboratory Technician I will be working in the genetics lab at Neogen. Here I will be sequencing livestock DNA. The information Neogen tests provide allows producers to better market their animals, both from a breeding and market perspective, and allows them to make informed decisions about their livestock.

Carroll College and the Health Sciences program has set me up well to pursue a career in the agricultural industry because of the rigorous academics, hands on experience, and encouragement to pursue my interests in the classroom, even if they wavered from the path that most other students are taking. The many different science courses and labs that are available at Carroll through the Health Sciences program have given me the background and experience for jobs that are science based, even in areas outside of human and public health. The professors in the Health Sciences were also willing to work with me and let me pursue my interest in agricultural even in a program designed to prepare students for a career in human health. Examples include allowing me to do projects that included tying together human health and agriculture, allowing me to do research projects focusing on health of agricultural workers, and allowing me to do an internship in a processing facility to learn how processing practices can impact human health. My Health Sciences degree from Carroll College provided me with a quality education that allows me to pursue my interests even outside the health field. I am forever grateful to the Health Sciences professors, staff, and fellow students at Carroll College who encouraged me to pursue my interests and helped show me that a Health Sciences degree can be successfully applied outside of the health field.