Codi Krueger

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Codi Krueger
  • Chemistry

Class of: 2014

My time at Carroll was one of great spiritual and intellectual growth.  It was a time of awakening the desires on my heart.  When I graduated with a degree in Chemistry, I was sad to say goodbye to the wonderful professors, friends, and familiar surroundings, but I was ready for a great journey.  As much as I enjoyed studying Chemistry, I was ready to serve. 

This led me to Denver to work with people experiencing homelessness with Christ in the City.  We spent our time in prayer and building relationships with our friends on the street. This eye-opening year gave me the courage to become a seminarian for the Diocese of Helena.  For three years, I received many blessings and graces before discerning out to become a missionary again. Although this time, I headed to Peru to work with the Christian Life Movement, Focus, and other mission-oriented groups.  Now, you might be thinking Chemistry has become a thing of the past for me, but you would be wrong. 

After just over a year in Peru, I was invited to work as a teacher in my hometown.  I taught middle school math and science, and for some reason, I really enjoyed teaching.  Upon finding out the school was going to close; I entered a job search and now, have found myself in my second year of teaching high school Chemistry at a small Catholic school in Denver (Bishop Machebeuf High School).  It has been an honor to follow, in a small way, the professors who led me on such a great journey into reality with joy, faith, and hope. 

As I stand before my own students, inviting them to engage the world at the atomic level, I am inspired to share the many blessings and gifts I received from Carroll.  I trust Carroll will continue to be a place of great formation for future scientists as they engage an active curriculum and inspiring professors!