Caroline Herzog

Caroline Herzog

Caroline Herzog
  • Anthrozoology

Class of: 2021

Caroline Herzog was offered admission to the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Caroline is from Spokane, WA, and is an anthrozoology major with minors in Spanish and biology. Carroll's Anthrozoology Program has had tremendous success over the years in placing their graduates in veterinary schools across the country.

Nacho was one of the dogs in the Anthrozoology program. Caroline shared a little about what this year with Nacho has taught her.

Tell us a little about Nacho.
Caroline: Nacho is a cuddly, 9-year-old chihuahua mix who loves to play, snuggle, bury himself in blanket forts, train, walk, ride in the car, and spend time with humans. He is an extremely sweet dog with a zest for life. He now knows a variety of skills including basic obedience training, scent work, psychiatric service tasks, and urban search and rescue tasks. He is a two-time Canine Good Citizen recipient and passed his yellow bandana test with both Wes and me, allowing him to access school buildings such as the library and the Cube. He is eager to learn and has proven to us all that you can, indeed, teach an old dog new tricks

How was your experience with the ANZ program and training Nacho this past year?
Caroline: My experience with the ANZ program and Nacho this year has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever partaken in. Training and learning to love and let go of Nacho has been incredibly difficult, but also incredibly rewarding. Nacho taught me how to slow down and enjoy down time and simple activities like walks. He has also taught me patience and to never judge a dog by their breed. He has loved learning and we developed a very strong bond through training and spending the year together. He is a wonderful companion and I am excited for more people to get to experience the joy that Nacho can bring into a person's life. He has changed my life forever, and I know he will continue to touch the hearts and lives of so many. We have amazing professors in the Anthrozoology department who are truly one of a kind mentors and educators. I feel lucky to have such an amazing Anthrozoology family.

Can you share a little about the family which is adopting Nacho?
Caroline: Nacho's future forever family lives in Helena. They are a family with a daughter who goes to Carroll. Their application was the first we received, and when we interviewed them, we knew they were the perfect fit for Nacho. They are active and love to walk, but also love a dog who enjoys cuddling and car rides. We are excited that we found the perfect family for Nacho to love.

Parting thoughts?
Caroline: I believe that you can definitely teach an old dog new tricks. I want to encourage people to adopt, don’t shop. Look into dogs at your local shelters who are in desperate need of loving homes. If you're local to Helena, the Anthrozoology department has incredible dogs up for adoption every Spring.