Brayton Holmes

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Brayton Holmes
  • Health Sciences
  • Public Health

Class of: 2022


I completed a Public Health major at Carroll, with minors in Gender Studies, and Ethics and Values studies. The public health program gave me many different experiences and opportunities. I was able to work on the Culture of Respect grant and get experience in victim services, and sexual assault prevention. As well, I had the honor to open the very first student-led victim services center on campus, called the MPWRMNT (empowerment) Center. Due to my extensive experience, I was able to get a job at St. Peter's Health before I graduated, working on a grant called Zero to Five. "Zero to Five helps caring Montanans make a lasting difference through local and statewide policy, advocacy, and collaborative partnership work, giving children a great start in life and a promising future." I'll continue this job for the four years that it is available. Afterward, I plan to complete an MPH degree at the University of Montana, and then pursue a career in health education.

The professors I have encountered here at Carroll are the most supportive, generous, and extraordinary people I have ever met. My time at Carroll, despite the fact that much of it was during a pandemic, will always have a special place in my heart.