Angelo Brennan

Angelo Brennan fishing on a river

Angelo Brennan
  • Health Sciences
  • Public Health

Class of: 2016

In the fall of 2015, I had the opportunity to work with Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, LLC, in Bozeman, MT. They serve to promote positive change in traumatically wounded combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan through fly fishing in Montana. I studied the therapeutic value of fly fishing and outdoor rehabilitation for combat wounded veterans. My experiences included participation and analysis of Warriors and Quiet Waters’ weeklong Fishing Experiences in southwest Montana, a multi-month systematic review of outdoor recreational therapy, and a comparative analysis of outdoor rehabilitation programs. I discovered that a deep connection exists between combat veterans of all eras, and the power of meaningful relationships forged through time on the water. My internship experience opened my perspective on helping underserved communities and planted roots for a lasting partnership with Warriors and Quiet Waters.