Amber Graf

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Amber Graf
  • Psychology

Class of: 2016

I am a second year Master's of Arts in Forensic Psychology with a Military Psychology speciality student who is set to graduate in June. I am currently at two internships this year. I provide intake assessments and therapy at an outpatient sex offender treatment facility where I have been for the past year and half. I also provide trauma care and mental health assessments at the Children's Hospital Colorado in the burn unit. Recently, I have received an internship at the Colorado Information Analysis Center as an intelligence analyst where I will assist local, state, and federal law enforcement starting in early May. My goal is to work in the federal government as an intelligence analyst and I am incredibly excited about this internship. Currently, I am the data base manager for a federal grant that is assessing and treating Traumatic Brain Injuries within the criminal justice system. I also am involved in research for extreme environments with the director of the Military Psychology program. We are working with four veterans who are set to row across the Atlantic next December. I am assisting in providing assessments, screening measures, and giving tools they can use while embarking on this adventure. Finally, I am involved in research that investigates the competency to stand trial standards throughout the nation as we attempt to establish a nation wide standard for all states.


The Carroll College Psychology program helped me in my current program by providing me with a solid understanding and working knowledge of how to read, interpret and discuss research articles. One of the things that has helped me excel in my program is my ability to take on incredibly large amounts of reading as well as homework and pull the most critical parts out in order to help further discussions in class. Further, my writing abilities were molded under the help of the Carroll professors and I have been able to continue to develop these skills while also excelling in my classes.

The most unique thing about the Psychology program at Carroll is the professors. I always felt like I had someone to go to whenever I was struggling or had questions. Every professor made an effort to guide me in my learning process as well as make me feel like they genuinely cared about my education.