Theology Major or Minor

Theology at Carroll College

What to Expect

The Theology Department at Carroll College teaches Christian theology in the Roman Catholic tradition. We explore the nature of the Christian faith, its biblical and intellectual heritage, and how this heritage has informed and continues to inform Christian belief and practice.

The goal of our inquiry is three-fold: (1) to help you understand the particularity of Catholicism in relation to the broader Christian tradition, (2) to consider important questions about the role of the Christian faith in contemporary culture, and (3) to provide you with a solid knowledge of and appreciation for different faith perspectives.

At Carroll, we believe that theology should never be disengaged from the rest of one's life. Rather, the study of theology informs and forms the whole of one's life. The theology major at Carroll is built to allow you to "explore the deep" of your faith in conjunction with your individual professional aspirations and we highly encourage you to pursue a major in a second field to broaden your skills and career options.

Life After Graduation

Worried you can't get a job with Theology? Hold your horses! Our emphasis on doubling a major in theology with a major in another discipline sets our students up for success in a wide range of endeavors.  Our theology graduates have pursued careers in the medical sciences, politics, and education. They have also pursued graduate work in both theology and other fields at such prestigious institutions as the Harvard Divinity School, Union Theological Seminary, Fordham University, University of Notre Dame, Weston Jesuit School of Theology, Iliff School of Theology, and the Gregorian University in Rome.

Why does theology allow for such a diverse set of options? Instead of studying how we live, theology studies why we live. So, what we're saying is this: come study Theology with us and get a job and become a better person, thinker, and believer in the process. That's what we want, too!