Health Sciences Degrees

Health Sciences at Carroll College

The Programs
There are two programs in the Health Sciences department:

Why Health Sciences or Public Health at Carroll?
The Health Sciences Dept includes pre-professional training for a wide variety of healthcare fields that include physical therapist, occupational therapist, physician’s assistant, chiropractor, athletic trainer, health educator, healthcare manager, dietitian, environmental hygiene specialist, etc. These areas of study focus on treating and supporting patients beyond the scope of a doctor or nurse.

These programs give a great foundation if you're interested in a career that involves human health.  Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of these programs, many of the courses fulfill the requirements for entry into competitive graduate and professional programs. Some of our grads apply and are accepted into these programs, while others seek work experience after graduation.

Your future in Health Sciences
The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that nearly a third of all new wage and salary jobs (5.0 million) between 2012-2022 will be in the health care and social assistance sectors.  The BLS also finds that fourteen of the 30 occupations with the largest percentage increases in employment between 2012 and 2022 are related to healthcare.

A Carroll College degree in the health sciences opens the door to a range of career opportunities, including graduate or professional school, as well as positions in state or county health departments and laboratories.

HS Department Mission Statement
Carroll College’s Health Sciences and Public Health programs are based on the application of evidence-based, health-related knowledge, with a goal of developing future leaders in health promotion and disease prevention on the individual, local, national, and global levels. These degree programs are inherently interdisciplinary, with emphases that include the biological, quantitative, and social sciences. They introduce students to an integrated model of health improvement and maintenance so that graduates may competently address the complex public health challenges facing the world today.

The Health Sciences major is designed for students seeking careers in clinical fields such as physical therapy, physician’s assistant, occupational therapy, and pharmacy.  The Public Health major is intended for students who want  to improve health by informing and leading decision-making by policymakers, practitioners, and the public, in order to advance individual and population health. These students may pursue work in population health fields such as infection control, epidemiology, and environmental health, and also in community health and education.   Both degree programs work to develop future leaders who rely on their knowledge of current research for improving health on both the individual and community levels. 

The Health Sciences department's goals are:

  1. To provide students with the specialized knowledge, skills, and global perspective they need to pursue their chosen health profession.
  2. To offer students with practical experience that will supplement their academic work and facilitate their entry into a chosen health career.
  3. To foster evidence-based perspectives of local, national, and global health challenges and solutions.

These departmental goals fit well with Carroll College's Mission of

  1. Offering integrative and value centered education,
  2. Engaging faithfully in the teachings of social justice of the Catholic Church
  3. Serving communities with humility, especially those that are marginalized.