Computer Science Major or Minor

Computer Science at Carroll College

The Program

Carroll’s Computer Science program provides 3 main tracks to provide a solid foundation for students whose goals span a wide range of disciplines within the rapidly changing field of computer technologies. The Computer Science Degree offers opportunities for graduate school at premier institutions or jobs in the field (especially data administration, software development, network administration and security jobs). The Computer Information System Degree (CIS) combines applied Computer Science with Business, offering similar job opportunities to those above and opportunities for a management career and/or an MBA degree in the future. Finally the CS Degree with an emphasis is for those wishing to pursue another discipline such as math, science, social sciences or another degree with a particular emphasis on analysis and research skills.

Why Computer Science at Carroll?

Based on student interest, we have recently offered a class using robots, computer animation with Alice, programming to rework sounds and pictures, Geographic Information Systems (making computer generated maps), entered our first regional computer programming contest, and have a student-lead class “Student Topics  in Computer Science” that takes a peek at the emerging technologies. Plus our students take part in the International Math Modeling Contest (where Carroll has had 3 top finishers in the last several years).

The Possibilities

A degree in Computer Science serves as preparation for some of the fastest growing jobs as defined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Computer Systems Software Engineer
  • Computer Applications Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Systems and Data Communication Analyst

Questions about computer science at Carroll? Contact the department below!

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