Computer Science Degrees

The Program

Carroll’s Computer Science program provides two main tracks to provide a solid foundation for students whose goals span a wide range of disciplines within the rapidly changing field of computer technologies, the Computer Science (CS) Major and Computer Information Systems (CIS) Major.

Computer Science (CS) Major
The Computer Science Major focuses on teaching programming and computation. It is meant to give professionals foundational skills and theory that can be applied towards any career in coding. It also provides an in-depth computer architecture overview where students gain an understanding of how computer operating systems work.

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Major
The Computer Information Systems Major focuses more on learning how to take computer technology and put it to use in commercial environments. Instead of learning just how technology works, CIS students learn to ask questions focusing on what type of technology should be used to solve a business problem.

Both the CS and CIS Degree offers opportunities for graduate school at premier institutions or jobs in the field (especially data administration, software development, network administration, and network security jobs).

Why get a degree in the Computer Science field (CS or CIS) at Carroll?

  • We stand by the saying “When you do it, you learn it!”
  • The CS and CIS programs offer a very personalized education. Very often you can tailor projects and experiences in courses to fit your interests.
  • Carroll’s CS and CIS programs are real-world focused. Instead of learning just how technology works, CS and CIS students at Carroll learn to ask questions focusing on what type of technology should be used to solve a business problem then design and develop technology solutions in class through project-based learning. It’s not only designing and developing a solution that’s important; it’s also learning how to collaborate with peers and industry professionals and work on projects as a team, just like the environment students will find on-the-job in the Tech industry.
  • Carroll’s liberal arts focus gives students a well-rounded and deep understanding of the social, political, philosophical, ethical, and economic aspects of computer science. A liberal arts education also creates tech employees with strong soft skills such as communication, research, writing, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. A well-rounded education and strong soft skills skillset often give Carroll CS and CIS graduates an edge over others. Even others from technical graduate schools!
  • Perhaps most importantly, in the classroom and throughout your academic career you will benefit from the individual attention and Professor mentorship you will receive due to Carroll’s small class sizes and family atmosphere.

Careers in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems

The following are examples of a few careers associated with a CS or CIS degree. There are also many careers where either a CS or CIS degree will prepare you for employment in the field.

Computer Science:

  • Software Developers (Software Developers, Applications)
  • Computer Hardware Engineers
  • Web Developers

Computer Information Systems:

  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Computer Systems Analysts

CS and CIS degrees both lead to careers in the following areas:

  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Support Specialists

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