Kurtz, Alex

Class of 1970 |
  • Chemistry
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in Carroll College
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 Carroll has prepped me for the future as a life-long learner. "

Alex Kurtz '17 attends the UW School of Medicine. His post-graduation plans are to enter to residency as he prepares for a career as a medical doctor. 

"So many of my classmates, here at UW, are constantly focused on that next big test or how to get a better grade. Meanwhile, at Carroll, while grades are still very important, I was also taught that learning is about the experience. We can learn a lot, not just by absorbing some educational material, but through the entire process itself. We can learn a lot especially about ourselves. I think that Carroll, and the wonderful people I met while attending it, has given me a different perspective on life, one that many medical students lack. Some of the best physicians I’ve met have been Carroll grads, and they all have such wonderful things to say as well.

Overall, I am most excited, professionally, about the opportunity I will have to work with patients, helping them reach a better state of health. Along with that, I am excited about the ever-changing world that is medicine and the chance I’ve been given to be a part of that innovative thinking. "