Carroll College
Student Undergraduate Research Festival 2022

Welcome to SURF 2022

S ince Horace of ancient Rome, the phrase Sapere aude or "dare to know" has motivated scholars to challenge traditional dogma, develop methods of inquiry, and to expand human knowledge. Descartes dared to know while describing a Discourse on Methods. Wollstonecraft dared to know when writing A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. Newton dared to know when deriving the natural laws shared in Principia. The latin words Sapere aude are the adopted motto of many academic institutions and are manifest in all institutions that support the academic freedom to pursue creative scholarship.

At Carroll College we celebrate the scholarship of our undergraduate students through the Student Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF). The 122 presentations composing the 2022 SURF demonstrate the determination and dedication of our student researchers. Even through COVID, students have applied the tools and skills unique to their discipline to make inquiries resulting in original creative products that expand human knowledge. By sharing their work at SURF we hope to stimulate future scholars to participate in the never-ending research tradition.

Congratulations to the student participants. Your dedication to the research endeavor is particularly inspiring given the challenges of the past two years. Thank you to the faculty mentors. Your efforts to guide students through the creative process are one of the best arguments for why small liberal arts colleges must continue to exist.

Thank you to the members of the SURF committee (Dr. Ryan Hallows, Dr. Brandon Sheafor, Dr. Adel Dimian, Dr. Gerad Schafer, Ms. Molly Sumridge, Dr. Travis Almquist, Dr. Jeff Morris, Ellen Huttle, and Jordan Diehl) for your academic oversight of this event. Thank you to Terence Kratz and Jeff Wald for their work building a digital space where this scholarship will live on for future generations. Thank you to Ms. Maria Larson who provided expertise in logistics, programming, and promotion and for coordinating SURF.

Dr. Grant Hokit
Senior Research Associate, Professor of Biology

Schedule At-a-glance

Thursday, April 28
7-8 PMSURF Keynote Address by Dr. Fernando Villanea - Archaic Genomic Ancestry (Simperman Hall Wiegand Amphitheater)
Friday, April 29
8:15-9 AMBreakfast for presenters (Upper Campus Center)
9-10 AMSession 1: Posters (Upper Campus Center)
10:15-11 AMSession 2: Presentations (Lower Campus Center)
11 AM-1 PMLunch break
1-2 PMSession 3: Posters (Upper Campus Center)
2:15-3 PMSession 4: Presentations (Lower Campus Center)
3-4 PMSession 5: Posters (Upper Campus Center)
4:30-6:30 PMSURF Reception and Dinner - {Employees: PLEASE RSVP} (STAC)

Full Schedule: Presenters and Topics


Session 1: Posters (9:00-10:00 AM) Upper Cube

Katie Bradt, Megan Arnold, Maverick Roberts, Traci Johnston, Landry Otis
Factors Influencing Test Performance
Matthew Bushnell
Computer Science
The Application "Skill Gauge"

Session 2: Presentations (10:15-11:00 AM) Lower Cube

10:15-10:30 a.m.

Josh Neth, Devon Hall
Yellowstone Airport RV Park Design
Location: Avila/Desmet
Bray Holmes, Ellen Huttle, Emilie Maes, Michael Sullivan, London Lambrecht, Broder Thurston, Trent Durfey, Brandon Duffy, Bryan Brensdal
Public Health
Expanding Coaching Boys Into Men
Location: Ross
Sofie Borzadek
Honors Scholar Program
Choosing Integrity Despite Societal Pressure
Location: Rice
Sarah Graham, Tarryn Cherry, Madison Lundberg, Ibrahim Nouh, Henry Phillip, Emma Rausch
Public Health
How To: Help A Survivor
Location: Theatre

10:30-10:45 a.m.

Sarah Homberg, Sienna Swannack
Littlebrook Creek Culvert Replacement
Location: Avila/Desmet
John Paul Robertson
The Catholic Church and the Holocaust
Location: Ross
Javier Rodriquez
Honors Scholar Program
What is the Proper Approach of Progress for Humans?
Location: Rice
Shae Bills
Mussolini: The Political Conversion of a Dictator
Location: Theatre

10:45-11:00 a.m.

Eliza Shepherd, Breanna Cook, Kami Koster, Bridget Onley, Genesis Wilkinson, Sadie Jones, Emma VanSickle, Grace Kraut
Public Health
Assessment of the Physical Accessibility of Carroll College
Location: Avila/Desmet
Brady Clark
Honors Scholar Program
Examining the Role of Property Through Locke And Marx
Location: Siena

Session 3: Posters (1:00-2:00 PM) Upper Cube

Elizabeth Bennett, Jacob Resch
Effects of Music Therapy on Pain in Cancer Patients
Bridget Braden, Katherine Bell, Molly O'Brien
Impact of Seizure Alert Dogs in Epilepsy
Hannah Conrad, Olivia Groshong
Quality of Life in Pediatric Transplant Patients
Grace Portmann, Jill Cooney
Artificial Nipple Use and Breastfeeding Patterns
Javier Rodriguez, Karissa Long, Matthew Merz, Rory Bloy, Hunter Lynch, John Todd
Business: Management & Marketing
City of Helena Leave- Administration Process Improvement
Alison Ross, Brette Graham, Kevin Benjamin, Ryan Vosen
Environmental Science
High Definition Elemental Analysis of Lake Helena Sediments

Session 4: Presentations (2:15-3:00 PM) Lower Cube

2:15-2:30 p.m.

McCabe Webb
International Relations
Hezbollah: Party of God
Location: Ross
Johnny Carstens
What is the Riemann Zeta Function?
Location: Rice

2:30-2:45 p.m.

Abigail Thyssen
Communication Studies
Misguided Praxis: Twitter’s Response to Justine Sacco’s Infamous Tweet
Location: Avila/Desmet
Katelyn Neuhaus
Gender Studies
The Global Attack on Gender Studies
Location: Ross
Max Johnson
Honors Scholar Program
Reason, Belief, and Ultimate Truth
Location: Rice

2:45-3:00 p.m. 5: Posters (3:00-4:00 PM) Upper Cube

Ashelynn Hadley, Shane Sater, Natalie Yocum, Joe Hagengruber
Environmental Science
Flint Range Ice Cap
Benjamin Held, Dawson Zebarth, Sophia Doyle, Whitney Durocher
The Effects of Water Fountain Filter Status on Microbial Diversity
Bray Holmes
Gender Studies/Public Health
The Role of Sex Education in Victim Blaming
Eden Houske, Emily Blote, Sophia Doyle
Developing a New Class of Antibiotics: The Oxadiazoles
Linsey Walker, Krupa Patel, Katelyn McKay
Virtual Reality and Pain Management in Pediatric Oncology
Cassie Wharton, Brooke Westby, Josh Carlson
A Melody for Anxiety Relief in ICU Patients
Emma Wieland, Mira Zike
Black Women and Postpartum Depression