Rodriguez, Laurie

Portrait of Laurie Rodriguez

Director, Career Center

Why I think you'll love Carroll College: Quite simply, the people.  If you’re looking for a caring, community environment, with collaborative learning opportunities – Carroll is the place. Smaller class size doesn’t mean "limited." It means supportive and encouraging. It demonstrates flexibility and creates an opportunity to discover and explore various educational and extracurricular endeavors.

Carroll College is a community of talented and caring people genuinely dedicated to the success of students by challenging their intellect; supporting their achievements and helping them realize their dreams.

Carroll College has, and always will hold a special place in my heart. As a student and a staff member, Carroll has provided me endless opportunities for self-discovery, personal growth, life-long learning, lasting friendships, professional experience, exploration of faith, strength of character, and achievement of dreams.

One of the many memories I have as a student at Carroll was being able to obtain a cooperative education assignment with Disney World when I was a senior. It would be a privilege to assist in the preparation of the future of our Saints through the management of Carroll’s internship program, career-related events, employer relations, and the overall professional preparation of students for their entry into the workforce or graduate school.