Observation Lesson Plan Guidelines

(All headings and content must be included and the lesson plan must be computer processed.)

Your observation lesson plan should include the following:

  1. Your Name
  2. Date of the Lesson
  3. Subject
  4. Topic
  5. Lesson Name
  6. Unit Name
  7. Teacher-generated Specific and Unique Lesson Objectives(stating what, when, and to what degree students will accomplish):
  8. Subject-Area Standards and Benchmarks this lesson will enable students to achieve (Common Core or other National or State Standards):
  9. Danielson Framework Performance(s) for which this lesson may be used as an artifact to provide evidence in support of teacher’s competence:
  10. Motivating Activities (the opening moments of the lesson that hook your students, making them enthusiastic participants in your lesson):
  11. Instructional Procedures (the complete lesson details and resources that enable students to fulfill the lesson’s objectives—enough detail and all resources that would enable a substitute teacher to pick up this lesson plan and teach the lesson):
  12. Unique Materials (a listing, with quantities, of everything needed during the lesson):
  13. Adaptations of Instructional Procedures to meet individual students’ unique cognitive, behavioral, developmental, and/or cultural diversities, abilities, or disabilities:
  14. Evaluation Procedures (end-of-the-lesson assessment that enables you to check to see if all students have achieved all of your lesson’s objectives):
  15. Supervisor’s Narrative:
    (At least one-half page of blank paper must be provided for this narrative.)

(All Observation Lesson Plans must end with the following--)

  1. Space for your [student’s] signature
  2. Space for the supervisor’s signature
  3. And the date signed