Graduates Employment and Graduate School Survey

According to our First Destination survey of 2020 graduates, there were 87 graduates employed and only 6 graduates who reported that they were still seeking employment for an employment rate of 94%. The top employers include:

St. Peter's Health
Billings Clinic
Benefis Health System
Shodair Children's Hospital
State of Montana
Providence St. Joseph Health
Carroll College


According to our First Destination survey of 2020 Graudautes, 71% of those who were seeking continuing education reported placement in a graduate program prior to completing a degree from Carroll College. According to our institutional methodology, our 5-year average overall medical school matriculation rate is 82% and our current year projected rate is 85%. Graduate schools that Carroll College degree completers attended include:

Arizona State University
Colorado State University
Keio University
Montana State University
Tulane University
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
University of Montana
University of Oregon
University of Utah
University of Washington