Riis Receives Financial Aid Profession Award for Excellence

Janet Riis

Carroll College’s Riis Receives Award for Excellence in Serving Students and the Financial Aid Profession

HELENA – Carroll College's Director of Financial Aid, Janet Riis, was recently recognized with a leadership award at the national conference of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), held in Milwaukee, WI.

The association presented six Regional Leadership Awards to recipients who have exhibited high integrity and character, have shown creative leadership, and have inspired and encouraged others to actively participate in professional development. Janet Riis received the award for the Rocky Mountain region (RMASFAA), with one award given in each of six regions.

Riis has worked in the financial aid industry for 31 years and has served as Carroll College’s Director of Financial Aid for the past 21 years. This year, she has played a pivotal role in Carroll’s proactive response to the challenges presented by the government’s delayed FAFSA roll-out. Under her leadership, Carroll emerged as a leading resource in educating students and their families about the complexities and delays associated with the FAFSA process. Riis helped spearhead a comprehensive outreach initiative, which ensured that all students were well-informed and supported during this challenging time. Her efforts to streamline the financial aid process provided much-needed clarity and reassurance to students, reinforcing Carroll College's commitment to accessible and transparent financial assistance.

Throughout her career, Riis has been an active member of state, regional, and national financial aid associations. She served as president of the Montana Association in 2006 and of RMASFAA in 2011, where she also chaired the Leadership Pipeline Committee in 2018. As RMASFAA president, she was a NASFAA Board representative and participated in several task force committees. Currently, she is a member of NASFAA’s Executive Leadership Collective.

She has been the recipient of numerous other awards including the Financial Aid Professional of the Year for Montana in 2006. Additionally, in 2023, she received Carroll College’s Presidential Distinguished Service Award and the Servant Leadership Award on behalf of the student-athletes.

Janet Riis's unwavering dedication and exemplary leadership continue to set a high standard in the financial aid community and help ensure that Carroll College continues to provide essential financial aid support and guidance to college students and their families.