MSW Offers Immersive Opportunities to Crow & N. Cheyenne Reservations

MSW Offers Immersive Experience to Reservations

Carroll College's Master of Social Work (MSW) program offers unparalleled opportunities for our students, including access to uniquely qualified individuals and distinctive immersion trips that deeply enhance their educational experience. 

“Generosity, connection. In visiting the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Reservations I experienced an enormous amount of generosity and connection. I feel honored and trusted, with the deep desire to reciprocate the time, attention and goodwill that was shared with my classmates and I. I'm changed by the people I met and the stories and outlook they shared, grateful I had the opportunity to meet and be hosted by such wonderful folks – kind, generous and non-judgmental in sharing their history, culture and spirituality." ~ Grant Fairbrother, MSW student, Helena

One such initiative recently led students and faculty to the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Reservations. The course, titled American Indian Inquiry, co-taught by Lacey Wind, Blue Winged Woman, LCSW, an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe who currently works for the National Indian Health Board (NIHB) in Washington, DC., and Assistant Professor Erin Butts, focuses on equipping clinicians to work effectively with the American Indian population.

“Words cannot convey the depth of my experience at the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Nations; knowledge from the source is transformational and truly life-changing. Time seemed to stand still as I absorbed the profound teachings of creation, culture, and tradition from the knowledge keepers of these Indigenous Nations. For me, this experience is a gift that will never be matched for the duration of my Earthly days." ~ Kimberly Pelkey, MSW student, Livingston

During their stay on Northern Cheyenne land, participants engaged with community members, business owners, and an American Indian botanist who shared sacred stories and native plant knowledge. On Crow, they learned from prominent knowledge keepers of the Crow people about the culture, history, and insights of the Apsaalooke, as well as from a Crow LSCW about the distinct importance of clinical practice when working with American Indians. 

"My profound encounters at the Northern Cheyenne and Crow reservations have indelibly touched my soul, leaving an enduring imprint that will shape me as a human. The stories and history generously shared, the profound connections forged with individuals, and the rich tapestry of culture witnessed have gifted me an invaluable perspective. I am forever indebted to this transformative experience, which will continue to inform and inspire my career as a clinical social worker with its depth of understanding and empathy." ~ Maigen Oyler, MSW student, Helena

This once-in-a-lifetime experience highlights the unique opportunities provided by Carroll College to its MSW students.