Math Modeling Contests

Mathematical Modeling

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) and its sister contest, the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM), provide great opportunities for students to focus on problem solving skills in a real-world environment. Problems come from research areas of applied mathematics related to many fields – business, environmental sciences, and sports are a few examples. Student teams are given 96 hours to analyze a single open ended problem, develop a model of the problem, solve the model, and write a report. Carroll’s faculty meet with student teams weekly in the months before the competition to help them prepare for the unique nature of this international contest. Find out more about MCM/ICM

Carroll College Excels

Carroll has had three teams awarded the contest's highest ranking: In 2003, Carroll's ICM team of Kylan Johnson, Gary Olson, and Joe Rasca was awarded an Outstanding Winner ranking. In 2006, Carroll's MCM team of Ben Dunham, Kyle Nixon, and Steffan Francischetti was awarded an Outstanding Winner ranking, placing them in the elite company of Cal Tech, Harvey Mudd, MIT, and Harvard. In 2010, the MCM team of Brittany Harris, Chase Peaslee, and Kyle Perkins were one of 4 Outstanding teams along with Beijing Jiaotong University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, and Lawrence University.

In 2021, the MCM team of Sabrina Crooks, Shirley Davidson, and Madeline Norton placed within the top 3% of participants worldwide with a "Finalist" designation. Only eight U.S. teams earned ranks of "Finalist" or better in the competition. 

Montana Mathematical Modeling Challenge (MMMC)

The Montana Mathematical Modeling Challenge (MMMC) is an intense, 24 hour contest for undergraduate students. Teams are presented with two open ended, real world problems and have one day to choose and solve one of them using any non-sentient resources they can find. Find out more about MMMC