Commencement 2024

114th Commencement

Carroll College 114th Commencement

Saturday, May 11, 2024





Dr. John E. Cech, President 


Carroll College Choir Members


Members of the Blackfeet Nation


Most Rev. Austin A. Vetter, D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Helena and Chancellor of Carroll College


Dr. Ashley Beck, Assistant Professor of Genetics
Dr. Jennifer Glowienka, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ms. Amy Honchell, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. John E. Cech


Dr. John E. Cech
Dr. Jennifer Glowienka


Ms. Bellicia Hawk


Dr. Jennifer Glowienka
Ms. Annette Walstad, Dean of Students
Dr. John Thomas


Dr. John E. Cech


Dr. John E. Cech
Dr. Jennifer Glowienka


The Rev. Patrick Beretta, Parish Priest, St. Patrick Parish (Butte, MT), Chair of the Board of Trustees
Dr. John E. Cech


The names published in this Commencement program include candidates for graduation in summer semester 2024 or fall semester 2024. Participation in Commencement and inclusion in the Commencement program does not guarantee the official granting of a degree. The Registrar’s Office verifies completion of all coursework before a degree is conferred. The official document verifying degree completion is the official Carroll College transcript.


The Academic Procession


The academic dress worn by scholars in the Commencement procession originated in the Middle Ages. When European universities began to take form in the 12th and 13th centuries, the scholars often served as clerics as well, and they adopted garb similar to that of their monastic orders. Buildings were cold and drafty, so caps and warm, floor length capes with hoods were necessities. As the control of education passed from the churches, the garb was modified in various ways, and there sprang a great diversity of color and style with the cap, gown and hood worn at different institutions. The custom of wearing academic dress was brought to America in Colonial times, but it was not until 1895 that a standardized code of academic dress was established and followed by most colleges and universities across the United States.

Today the black robe, hood, and cap are standard, although some schools have more colorful regalia. Both cap and gown are symbols. According to legend, the privilege of wearing a cap was the initial right of a freed Roman slave. The academic cap, therefore, has become a sign of the freedom of scholarship. The flowing gown has become symbolic of the democracy of scholarship, for it covers clothing that might otherwise indicate social rank or strata.

At Carroll College, the faculty wear garb unique to the institution from which each received his or her highest degree. All students receiving Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees wear the traditional black cap and gown, as well as a hood that is lined in purple and gold, the official colors of Carroll College; the color of the velvet binding represents the various majors at Carroll. Students receiving a Master of Accountancy or Master of Social Work degree wear a black cap and gown with oblong sleeves.


Hood Colors

ColorMajor / Program
Dark BluePhilosophy, Political Science, Public Relations
Light BlueEducation
BrownFine Arts
CitronSocial Work
DrabAccounting, Business, Finance
Science GoldAnthrozoology, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Studiest, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology
MaroonCommunication Studies
PeacockInternational Relations
SageHealth Sciences
Salmon PinkPublic Health
WhiteEnglish, French, History, Sociology, Spanish

Honor Song


Today, and for the first time, Carroll College is including a Native American Honor Song as part of its commencement ceremony. Singers and drummers from the Blackfeet Nation will sing this Honor Song to recognize the accomplishments of all graduates, especially Native American students graduating today. Carroll College sincerely thanks Jaydee Weatherwax, an enrolled member of the Blackfeet nation and first Native American graduating from Carroll’s Master of Social Work program, for championing this effort and assisting with planning. Please remain standing during the Honor Song.





The Outstanding Teaching Award is presented by Carroll College faculty, staff, and students to recognize an exemplary educator.


The Distinguished Scholar Award is presented by Carroll College faculty, staff, and students in recognition of significant scholarly contribution to a discipline.


Seniors who have attained the highest grade point average and have 60 or more institutional credits at Carroll College are honored with the Bishop Gilmore Memorial Award. The award is named in memory of the Most Reverend Joseph M. Gilmore, fifth Bishop of Helena.


The Michael Murphy Award is presented to a graduating senior who, through personal achievement, generosity, and leadership, has excelled in promoting the true spirit and ideals of Carroll College. The recipient is selected on the basis of his or her contributions to the collegiate community at Carroll. This honor is bestowed in memory of Michael W. Murphy, a deceased student of the college, who himself served as a model for this award.


Since 1986 Carroll College has presented the Raymond G. Hunthausen Award for community service to deserving students who make outstanding contributions to the college or a community (Helena or other). The award was named for Archbishop Hunthausen because of his own commitment to peace and justice in his personal life and in his work with the Catholic Church. The award was established to acknowledge students who exhibit a sense of commitment to others for the sole purpose of giving from their own personal sense of unselfish service.




Select a list below to expand the Jubilarians by year.

* Deceased

Myrna Aavedal
Carol Albright
Caroline Aller Goss
William Anderson*
Phyllis Anderson McMahon
Carol Baertsch Opitz
Margaret Bartholomew 
Vincent Bernhard
David Bollinger
Felicia Bouker*
Anthony Bowers*
Eugene Boyle*
Raelene Brand Shippee-Rice
Judith Braun Fuhrman
Patrick Brennan
Susan Brown Delisle
Robert Bryce*
Gerald Burgher
Margaret Burgoyne Salisbury
George Burns
Susan Callahan Keyes
Jim Campbell
John Carpenter
Myrna Chamberlin Yunck*
Susan Cloke Ewing*
Julienne Cloonan
Bonnie Comes Hochstein
Colleen Corbitt
James Corrigan
Helen Cronin Murray
David Cunningham
Ronald Darcy
John Darragh*
Bruce Davidson*
Mark De Sautel
Janette Dean Rutledge
William Devine
James Devitt
Mary Diekhans Goldhahn
Rosita Diekhans Moe
Clarence Domire*
Linda Dornberger McArthur
William Dornbos
John Downs*
Patricia Duffy Herrin
Robert Durand*
Daniel Durkin
Gene Evans
Allan Fabbro
David Feyk*
Clarice Fincke Buskirk
MaryBelle Fisher
Judy Fisher Grant
Patrick Fleming*
Humphery Fong*
Robert Fry
Judith Gallagher 
Michael Gilmore
Paul Gingrey*
James Graham
Sharon Graham McKittrick
Margaret Gully Rankin
William Haffey
Linda Hamry Eggen
James Harrington
Katherine Harrington Spady
Pauline Hawley Haffey*
Susan Hayes Plessinger*
Caroline Hermes Pilgeram
Robert Hetrick
Dennis Hill
Spencer Hochstein
Andrew Huckfeldt
John Hughes
Joie Ilvedson Nordstrom
William Jeffery*
Ernest Jensen
Daniel Jones
Kathleen Kautzman Tobin
Daniel Kelleher
Thomas Kinsella*
Marla Kollenborn Robinson*
Willard Kopetski
Constance Lawrenz Slaughter
Judy Loewen Mulcahy
James Lopach
William Lowney
Kathleen Malone Galovic*
Rose Marquardt Goyen
William Martin
Donna Massman Ilvedson
Judith Mattson Ness
Lawrence Maxwell
David Mazza*
Dianne McCarthy Saffell
Jerry McGuire
John McGuire
Jon McIntire
Donald McLaen*
Jim McMahon
Sheila McShane 
Alfred Meunier
JoAnn Michalsky Brown
David Miller
Paul Miller
Wayne Miller
Carol Miller Colgan
Jerry Mitchke*
MaryAnn Mohatt Marko
Thomas Moran*
Gail Mulligan Griffin
Robert Mulvaney*
Russell Munsell
Mary Munzenrider Martinez
Michael Murray
Rose Marie Nagengast Otey
Michael Nash
John Neuman*
John O'Donnell*
Barbara Olson McCabe
James O'Neill
Margaret O'Neill Sterling*
Thomas Owens
William Polly*
Cecile Potochnik Wanner
Mary Pupich Matule
Dennis Quinn*
Norma Reavis Delapp
James Roller
William Romine
Connie Ronish Sorrels
Nancy Rule Campbell
Mike Ryan
James Screnar
Frank Seitz
Rosemary Shannon Corrigan
Cornelius Shea*
William Shields
Richard Sirokman*
Dorothy Skornogoski Manion
Kathleen Smith McLaen
William Soucie
Margaret Stallard Pike
Judith Sterbenz Shields
Robert Sterling
William Strausburg*
Gloria Stredwick Martin
Patricia Stringari Silva
Gay Ann Sullivan Masolo
James Thomas*
John Thomas
Isabelle Toeckes Femling
Thomas Tokarski
George Tupa*
Anthony Uhl*
Eleanore Utter Hartzheim
James Van Meter
Karen Volkman Green
John Wagner
Jeanne Walker Glasscock*
Darlene Walsh*
Edward Walsh
Lois Weidinger Witherell
Richard Wenger*
James White
William Wirth

* Deceased

Peter Alyea*
Susan Anderson Murphy
Mark Appel
Richard Bach
John Bartos
Louise Bates Johnson
Thomas Beeson
W.Kent Bell
Allen Blackford
Edward Blackman
Raymond Blackman
Martha Blinn Ranalli
Craig Brayko
C. Paul Brooke
Daniel Brown*
Gerald Brown
Sherrie Brown Chenovick
Richard Buerman
Dorothy Burns
Elizabeth Calthirst*
Michael Choi
Mary Clancey Mangold
Martha Clancey O'Farrell
A. Kelly Conrad*
Martha Culbertson Handwerk
James Curry
Teri Darragh Lynch
Patricia Dawson Mandeville
Bernard Dennehy
Eileen Doughty*
Michael Doughty*
Judith Doyle
Gary Dunn
Charles Eckermann
Neil Egan
Theodore Egging
Robert Faure*
Lauren Fike Allender
Gary Fitzpatrick
Ernest Floreen*
Nanette Fochs Webber
Kenneth Frazer
Barbara Frei
Gary Frei
Gary Gallagher
Ambrey Gartner
Susan Giles Reynolds
Geri Gillhoover Harshman
Paul Gorder
Nicolet Green Whearty
Elizabeth Grennan
Antonette Grmoljez Mahoney
John Guza
William Hadcock
William Hafferman
Gregory Hahn
Katie Hanley Meyer
John Hargrove
William Harshman*
John Harshman
Connie Hendrickx 
Myra Holstine Ashor
Cathy Huffer
Mary Hull
Thomas Jenko
David Jersey*
Detlef Johl
Laurie Johnson Bowlds
George Johnston
Adele Joyce Murphy
James Kelly
Catherine Kerzman Staab
Michael Klinkhammer
David Kortum
Michael Krieger
Diana Lords McFaul
Gary Lynch*
Jeremiah Lynch
James Maher*
Patricia Maloy Beeson
Peggy Mangan
Susan Manion Nyland
Thomas Matosich*
Birgitta Matt*
Michele Matthys Foote
Bernadette May Mitchell
Mary Jo Mc Coy Hamling
Kathleen Mc Glynn Laumeyer
Rebecca McCallum
Maria McCarthy Goebel*
Mary Mcgonigal Chamberlin
Kathleen McInerney Bell
Fred Merrick
Joyce Meuchel Osterloh
Mary Mihelich Kurelowech
Sharon Mikat*
Carla Miller Dennison
Michael Moch
Wanda Mohatt Laska
David Moore
Elizabeth Moore Moore-Mullen
Sara Morgenstern Medley
Daniel Murphy*
John Murphy
Mark Murray
Kathleen Myers Valentine*
Ardis Nash Stockton
Mark Neiter
Donovan Nelson*
Michael Neuman*
Dennis Niedermeyer
Peggy O'Malley Fink*
J. Andrew O'Neill
Raymond Pancich
Mary Anne Parker Hansen*
Richard Pedersen
Patricia Perrier
Donna Porter*
Patricia Powers Huber*
Mary Reardon Pancich
Daniel Reeves
Sharon Robinson*
Robert Roy
Larry Ruetten
Betty Schutt
Joyce Scott*
Edmund Sheehy
Michael Shields
Stephen Shomberger
Ralph Shook
Mary Sias Dutton
Allen Sinerius*
C. Wayne Smith
Nicholas Spika
Donald St. Peter
Gary Stoick*
Kevin Sullivan
Margaret Swenson Brayko
Timothy Synan*
Douglas Szot
Colleen Thomas Jones
Norman Thompson
Renee Thompson Dumas
Mari Tiitso Tiitso Luna
Patricia Tracy Durnferd
Sandra Utter Gordon
Jay Vogelsang
John Vollertsen
Mary Vollstedt Appel
George Warn
Ronald Weis
Kathleen Whitaker Cook
Jeannette Wirak Kelly
Bonni Wrobel Dunn
Mary Younger
JoAnn Yuricic




To be eligible for graduation honors, a Carroll undergraduate student must complete 60 hours of coursework at Carroll and graduate with a cumulative grade point average of not less than 3.50. The three levels of honors are cum laude (3.50–3.69), magna cum laude (3.70–3.89), and summa cum laude (3.90–4.0).

To be eligible for graduation with distinction, an undergraduate student must complete 60 hours of course work at Carroll, complete the senior thesis with a grade of “B” (3.0) or higher, and graduate with a cumulative grade point average of not less than 3.25.

The Honors Scholars Program is a four-year program of study founded on the Great Books tradition. Honors Scholars graduates have completed a sequence of five interdisciplinary seminars where they have explored seminal works from the Western intellectual tradition, and they have completed an honors capstone or thesis.

Calculation of the grade point average includes only credits and grades earned at Carroll; for post-baccalaureate students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree at Carroll, only grades earned during the second degree program will be included. Honors noted in this program do not include the current semester; official graduation honors will be evaluated at the time all degree requirements have been completed.

Students wearing honor cords, stoles, or medals along with their hoods have been inducted into academic honor societies or have earned special academic achievements. Students who are veterans of the U.S. Armed Services are wearing red, white, and blue honor cords. The sashes worn by some students represent the country where the student studied abroad.

Students and jubilarian alumni wearing a green tassel are being recognized for making a gift to Carroll College. We thank these students and alumni for their tradition of giving.



MCL – Magna Cum Laude

SCL – Summa Cum Laude

CL – Cum Laude

* Graduates who have completed the Carroll College Honors Scholars Program. The Honors Scholars Program is a four-year program of study founded on the Great Books tradition. In addition to the requirements of their academic majors and minors, Honors Scholars graduates have completed a sequence of five interdisciplinary seminars where they have explored seminal works from the Western intellectual tradition and have completed an honors capstone or thesis.

†  With distinction.

Candidates for Master of Accountancy

Master of Accountancy
Brielle Madyson AklestadGalata, Montana
Nolan Craig BartholomewBillings, Montana
Savannah M. DelCurtoWhite City, Oregon
Michael Joseph WeberHelena, Montana

Candidates for Master of Social Work

Master of Social Work
Russell AkardBillings, Montana
Ashley L. WilliamsButte, Montana
Grant Evan FairbrotherHelena, Montana
Justin GieseGreat Falls, Montana
Mara HrubyBigfork, Montana
Isabelle HuntHelena, Montana
Steven Donald NashBozeman, Montana
Maigen OylerHelena, Montana
Kimberly Ann PelkeyLivingston, Montana
Danielle Nicole PipinichMarysville, Montana
Amelia T. Rossi-BowersMissoula, Montana
Necia Clare SinnardLivingston, Montana
Leanna TroeshBigfork, Montana
Hope M. UngerPolson, Montana
Cailyn Nichole WallEast Helena, Montana
Jaydee Lynn WeatherwaxMissoula, Montana
Cheyenne Melodie WhiteKalispell, Montana

Candidates for Bachelor of Arts

Self-Designed Major: Wildlife Conservation
Josie L. SaloisSumma Cum LaudeSCLPolson, Montana
Anthrozoology | Psychology
Madelyn Jean ShowalterMagna Cum LaudeMCLHelena, Montana
Anthrozoology | Theatre
Kelli N. StoneCum LaudeCLMartinsville, Virginia
Zoey M. Barrett Sisters, Oregon
Audrey E. BrownMagna Cum LaudeMCLPlains, Montana
Grace Ann CarterMagna Cum LaudeMCLFairfield, California
Grady E. Case Ellensburg, Washington
Kaitlyn R. Hansen Nashua, Montana
Kira Kathleen HeggCum LaudeCLBillings, Montana
Sydnee Michelle Paul Florence, Montana
Slone Isabella Rexin Pasco, Washington
Dayana Osiris Rosas-Guzman Everett, Washington
Lisa Christine Sipes Safford, Arizona
Sophie M. Thomas Farmington, New Mexico
Ian Wegner Kalispell, Montana
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology | Anthrozoology
Sydney Faith GannonMagna Cum LaudeMCLSpokane, Washington
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology | Hispanic Studies and Languages
Carrie A. NelsonCum LaudeCLMill Creek, Washington
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Kaitlynn D. AyersSumma Cum LaudeSCLTwin Falls, Idaho
Ezekiel Q. Bradbury Choteau, Montana
Blake ChennaiMagna Cum LaudeMCLPortland, Oregon
Juliette F. CrichtonSumma Cum LaudeSCLBoise, Idaho
Alyssa J. HurstMagna Cum LaudeMCLPlentywood, Montana
Kylie Marie Kuga Kent, Washington
Noah V. LoharSumma Cum LaudeSCLGrand Junction, Colorado
Elliot Michelle WaldSumma Cum LaudeSCL✝*Spokane, Washington
Peyton O. Wimmer Bozeman, Montana
Biology | Anthrozoology
Miriam Elizabeth Skari Centennial, Colorado
Isabelle AnselmoSumma Cum LaudeSCLSpokane, Washington
Katherine Susanne BourekisSumma Cum LaudeSCLSpokane, Washington
Geri Lynn CutlerSumma Cum LaudeSCLHelena, Montana
Madelyn Franz Spokane, Washington
Bellicia Diane Luna HawkCum LaudeCLCharlo, Montana
Benjamin M. HeldSumma Cum LaudeSCLGreat Falls, Montana
Elizabeth Michelle Kirby Bigfork, Montana
Hannah Jean Kolb Olympia, Washington
Kelsyn Anna LohrCum LaudeCLShelby, Montana
Liam Patrick LynchCum LaudeCLSpokane, Washington
Elissa Bassam Mazkour Beirut, Lebanon
Erica Elizabeth NessanSumma Cum LaudeSCLSpokane, Washington
James Zachary NormandeauMagna Cum LaudeMCLRonan, Montana
Audrey ParkeyCum LaudeCLLewiston, Idaho
Max F. Peed Rathdrum, Idaho
Emma Justine Pinal Bakersfield, California
Kaitlyn R. Randle North Bend, Oregon
Kaiden Romney Frenchtown, Montana
Luke Thomas Schabot Meridian, Idaho
Hunter David SmithCum LaudeCLValleyford, Washington
Michael Kenneth WardCum LaudeCLHelena, Montana
Hunter James Wetherelt Helena, Montana
Business: Accounting and Strategic Finance
Megan Kay Ball Clarkston, Washington
Maile Kathleen Keakealani Coleman Nine Mile Falls, Washington
Charles Joseph Cram La Conner, Washington
Nicholas Aloysius DiekhansMagna Cum LaudeMCLGreat Falls, Montana
Jordynn A. Greve Helena, Montana
Allyson M. Hitchcock Simms, Montana
Luke John Rosenberger Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Samantha Jean SettleMagna Cum LaudeMCLHelena, Montana
Jeremiah Tristan Strong Helena, Montana
Business Administration | International Business
John Joseph Ciralli, Jr Great Falls, Montana
Business: Management and Marketing | International Business
Delaney Erin BoyleSumma Cum LaudeSCLYakima, Washington
Business: Management and Marketing | Psychology
Kelsey L. Walker Helena, Montana
Business: Management and Marketing
Jordan Bryant Sacramento, California
Ryan Patrick Croft Jacksonville, Florida
Dagim Alemayehu Degaro Jimma, Ethiopia
Cole Thomas Greany Louisville, Colorado
Lance T. Greany Louisville, Colorado
Jonathan HagEstadMagna Cum LaudeMCLMissoula, Montana
Mason Harwood Burley, Idaho
Tucker Lee JonesMagna Cum LaudeMCLHamilton, Montana
Roi Kedar Binyamina, Israel
Jadon D. Lamb Townsend, Montana
Liam Robert Sullivan Lechner Missoula, Montana
Branden J. McDonald Star Valley, Wyoming
Maclane Allan Mills Helena, Montana
Connor Matthew O'Hara Ulm, Montana
Sarah Arrow Nicole Osmon Terrebonne, Oregon
Robert Matthew Wigton Annapolis, Maryland
Business: Financial Planning
Olivia Marie Laib Helena, Montana
Catholic Studies | Philosophy
Ariana L. CollinsCum LaudeCLMeridian, Idaho
Catholic Studies | Communication Studies
Jack Nichols Snouwaert Palmer Lake, Colorado
Catholic Studies | Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Amy Matsuko TekverkSumma Cum LaudeSCLOgden, Utah
Tyler Scott DaileyMagna Cum LaudeMCLBellingham, Washington
Communication Studies
Jake R Brown Hayden, Idaho
Michael J. Day Billings, Montana
Josephine Rae HowlettSumma Cum LaudeSCLBigfork, Montana
Guilherme Pacheco PedraMagna Cum LaudeMCLSao Paulo, Brazil
Communication Studies: Public Relations and Social Media
Chase CoyleMagna Cum LaudeMCLGrants Pass, Oregon
Computer Information Systems
Julia Marie CarrMagna Cum LaudeMCLPortland, Oregon
Dustin Joseph GardnerSumma Cum LaudeSCLFresno, California
Joshua Chase George Boulder, Montana
Computer Science
David Joshua MacyCum LaudeCLVicenza, Italy
Oliver Norris McLane Heber City, Utah
Ryan O'ValleyCum LaudeCLGreat Falls, Montana
Self Designed Major: Computer Security and Mathematics
Cristina Isabel López-Leal Ashland, Oregon
Data Science | Computer Science
Ryan P. JohnsonSumma Cum LaudeSCLHelena, Montana
Hank R Rugg

Frenchtown, Montana


Elementary Education
Brooklyn Olivean KeneltyMagna Cum LaudeMCLRonan, Montana
Finleigh Ain LevinsonCum LaudeCLFairfax, California
Emma Suzanne Patek Boise, Idaho
Eleanor M. RamseyCum LaudeCLOregon City, Oregon
Ava Grace-Lyn SargentSumma Cum LaudeSCL*Boise, Idaho
Lauren A. SehenukCum LaudeCLHermosa Beach, California
Olivia M. WeyerMagna Cum LaudeMCLThermopolis, Wyoming
Madison Michelle Wilkes Pocatello, Idaho
Elementary Education: Middle School Concentration | Biology
Tess Mariah PrendergastCum LaudeCLSelah, Washington
Elementary Education: Middle School Concentration 
Lucas J. CoulterSumma Cum LaudeSCLWhitefish, Montana
Mason Christopher Yochum Billings, Montana
Elementary Education K-8 & Special Education K-12
Madeline Claire Geritz Boise, Idaho
English Education (5-12)
Ashtyn Elizabeth Reiners Spearfish, South Dakota
Science Education (5-12)
Rosalina Christina Angelina RamirezMagna Cum LaudeMCLHelena, Montana
Social Studies Education (5-12) | History
Reagan Lynn ParisMagna Cum LaudeMCLBillings, Montana
Social Studies Education (5-12)
Alexis M. CooneySumma Cum LaudeSCLMissoula, Montana
Sebastian T. Koch Kalispell, Montana
Ryan Dennis QuinnCum LaudeCLHelena, Montana
English Literature
Julia M. HacklSumma Cum LaudeSCLPortland, Oregon
Keaton Dean Pettis Jefferson City, Montana
English Writing
John Henry Stinton Phillips Eagle, Idaho
Self-Designed Major: Environmental Studies
Ashelynn E. Hadley  
Environmental Science | Biology
Arianah Margaret Sargent Grand Junction, Colorado
Environmental Science
Natalie Charise BrownSumma Cum LaudeSCLPasadena, California
Abrianna Jacques Burrows Helena, Montana
William Conor David Quick Helena, Montana
Alison Ida Ross Haslett, Michigan
Garrett Daniel Worden Laramie, Wyoming
Health Sciences | Public Health
Macie Elizabeth HolmesMagna Cum LaudeMCL*Mesa, Colorado
Lily Louise OverstreetCum LaudeCLCut Bank, Montana
Health Sciences
Tanner Joseph Ahmann Gladstone, Oregon
Aura Fernanda Arroyo Porterville, California
Bailey Marie Babin Spokane, Washington
Conner Gary Bawden Boise, Idaho
Julian Monica Betz Spokane, Washington
Rylyn Frances Erickson Great Falls, Montana
Katherine M Fagg Missoula, Montana
Sarah Sugi Elisabeth Greene Seabeck, Washington
Emme Marie Harkin Hahn Lewistown, Montana
Kathryn Elizabeth Heim Maple Grove, Minnesota
Daniel James HenjumCum LaudeCLColumbia Falls, Montana
Zoie A. Koci Boise, Idaho
Sophie Andreyevna LovelessCum LaudeCLBellevue, Washington
David LuhmannMagna Cum LaudeMCLLolo, Montana
Thomas McGowan Sioux City, Iowa
Thomas S. McGree Butte, Montana
Tilynn Marie McGreeveyCum LaudeCLMissoula, Montana
Josey Laine Neesvig Trout Creek, Montana
Jacob P. Resch Billings, Montana
Kyle L. Schiedler Vancouver, Washington
Brooklynn SchultzMagna Cum LaudeMCLMead, Washington
Dominique M. Taugher Boise, Idaho
Erin S. Welter Three Forks, Montana
Self-Designed Major: Cultural History
Kyra L. O'ReillyMagna Cum LaudeMCLCoeur d'Alene, Idaho
History | Theatre
Alyx N. Gage Manhattan, Montana
Dawson M. Gaub Anchorage, Alaska
Michael Patrick Sullivan Arlington, Washington
International Relations
Elda Mohammed Seid Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Anzhela Arkadiivna Stoliar Chornobaivka, Kherson, Ukraine
Engineering Mathematics
Iain Daniel ScottCum LaudeCLTownsend, Montana
Nicole MorgenSumma Cum LaudeSCL✝*Bend, Oregon
Political Science | International Relations
Finlay Bates Buffalo, New York
Braeden Vincent TussMagna Cum LaudeMCLBelgrade, Montana
Political Science
Guillermo Perez-OchoaMagna Cum LaudeMCLDenver, Colorado
Melanie Carolanne Phelps Renton, Washington
Mariia Savchenko Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Public Health | Health Sciences
Madison Faith Lundberg Medical Lake, Washington
Public Health
Tarryn Dawn Cherry Coeur D' Alene, Idaho
Liberty Madison SchlagCum LaudeCLPleasanton, California
Self-Designed Major: Behavioral Psychology
Sofia Marie Fray Spokane, Washington


Psychology | Sociology
Anika Bjornson West Linn, Oregon
Psychology | Sociology: Broadfield
Nathan Christopher HicksCum LaudeCLHelena, Montana
Psychology | Sociology: Criminology
Anna M. McGillCum LaudeCLHelena, Montana
Layne Marie Bauer Missoula, Montana
Katie Elizabeth Benevides Helena, Montana
August James Corsetti Bainbridge Island, Washington
Seth Michael Houghton Belgrade, Montana
Carlin Micheal Sullivan Lechner Missoula, Montana
Carsen Paine East Wenatchee, Washington
Sociology: Medical & Human Services | Health Sciences
Bersabeh Mekonnen ZelleleCum LaudeCLRaya Kobbo, Ethiopia
Sociology: Medical & Human Services
Ryan Andrew Lewis RectorSumma Cum LaudeSCLHelena, Montana
Sociology: Broadfield
Katelyn Christine NeuhausCum LaudeCLYorba Linda, California
Ashley Walker Rose Spokane, Washington
Timothy Murphy SellarsSumma Cum LaudeSCLOlympia. Washington
Sociology: Criminology
Kadie A. BaneyCum LaudeCLConrad, Montana
Emily Kendall FunsethSumma Cum LaudeSCLGreat Falls, Montana
Theatre | Hispanic Studies and Languages
Lily Cecilia HoelscherSumma Cum LaudeSCLBaker City, Oregon
Aileen Clare Jones Denver, Colorado

Candidates for Bachelor of Science

Civil Engineering
Chloe Marie GallagherMagna Cum LaudeMCLGenoa, Illinois
Kaden P. GardnerSumma Cum LaudeSCLGreat Falls, Montana
Caleb M. HoxieMagna Cum LaudeMCLHelena, Montana
Martha M. SchwarzMagna Cum LaudeMCL*Bend, Oregon
David Jerome WassmuthMagna Cum LaudeMCLGreencreek, Idaho
James Michael Wong Helena, Montana
Accelerated Nursing
Maile A. AllzerSumma Cum LaudeSCLTownsend, Montana
Echo Marie AndersonMagna Cum LaudeMCLPost Falls, Idaho
Gabrielle P. Beveridge Helena, Montana
Maria C. Bourekis Spokane, Washington
Nicholas M. Bubb Helena, Montana
Taylor Lynn CostalesMagna Cum LaudeMCLWaipahu, Hawaii
Lucas Dawson Kennewick, Washington
Faith Seora Derby San Fransisco, California
Hailey Rayanna Dickerson Portland, Oregon
Mackenzie K. Gasser Billings, Montana
Mikayla Grace HertSumma Cum LaudeSCLPuyallup, Washington
Elias Solomon HillSumma Cum LaudeSCLSpokane, Washington
Kira Anne Hynson Portland, Oregon
Sonia Rae KarbowiczMagna Cum LaudeMCL*Battle Ground, Washington
Phoebe Roxana KempCum LaudeCLPortland, Oregon
Sophia Isabel KohlerMagna Cum LaudeMCLSilverdale, Washington
Mattie Grace McGreeveySumma Cum LaudeSCLButte, Montana
Benjamin William Michaelson Anchorage, Alaska
Hannah L. Mork Coos Bay, Oregon
Erik David MuskettCum LaudeCLMissoula, Montana
Henry F. Phillip Butte, Montana
McKenzie Plummer Helena, Montana
Crisha L. Polk Great Falls, Montana
Amber Chelyn Rauser Helena, Montana
Tess Lavelle RiordanMagna Cum LaudeMCLButte, Montana
Sabrina G. RipleyMagna Cum LaudeMCLStar, Idaho
Steven Joseph Santos Whittier, California
Christopher C. Schuver Portland, Oregon
Halee Diane Skogen Helena, Montana
Abigail Lorena Smith Lake Tapps, Washington
Lorenzo SobolewskiSumma Cum LaudeSCLVancouver, Washington
Emily Sondag Richland, Washington
Sophia Greta SullivanSumma Cum LaudeSCLButte, Montana
Anna Elizabeth Todd Seattle, Washington
Stephanie Ann WestlundCum LaudeCLSeattle, Washington
Allison Jane WinslowCum LaudeCLRichland, Washington

Bridget Kirby

Bridget Kirby

October 25, 2001 - November 19. 2021

In remembrance of Bridget Kirby, forever a member of the class of 2024, whose presence is missed this day and always.