Mail Addressing and Delivery

What's My Address?

Residence Halls:

Students in the residence halls are assigned a mailbox through Saints Central.  All USPS and parcel-service carriers get delivered to the Mail Center (for other deliverables, see below).  Each student is assigned a 6-digit mailbox number, which they will receive either via email in August or when they check into the residence halls.  Here is how to address mail/packages using the Saints Central Mailbox 250XXX as an example:

John Smith 
Saints Central 250XXX

1601 N Benton Ave
Helena, MT 59625-0001

Campus Apartments:

Students living in the Campus Apartments receive their mail through mailbox bays set up at the apartment complex. They obtain their mailbox keys from Student Life.  Parcel carriers will deliver to apartment doors. Here is how to address mail/packages going to the Campus Apartments:

In St. Catherine of Siena (apartments ending 07-12):

Jane Smith
1350 Bishop Carroll Dr. Apt. XXX
Helena, MT  59625

In St. Matthew (apartments ending 01-06):

John Smith
1400 Bishop Carroll Dr. Apt. XXX
Helena, MT  59625

In St. Alfred the Great (apartments ending 13-18):

Jane Smith
1450 Bishop Carroll Dr. Apt. XXX
Helena, MT  59625

In St. John Vianney (apartments ending 19-24):

John Smith
1500 Bishop Carroll Dr. Apt. XXX
Helena, MT  59625

Other Deliverable Items:

Other items that people wish to have delivered to students that do not traditionally go through a mail provider (such as flowers) get delivered to the Residential Life and Housing Office (Borromeo 131) and then the student is notified to pick it up.  Due to our safety and security policies, we do not allow these vendors to deliver to student rooms.

UPS and FedEx deliver to students' doors, but USPS deliveries need to be picked up at Saints Central mailroom (as we must sign for deliveries).

Mail Center

The Mail Center is located at the west end of Borromeo Hall. It is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Saturday from 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., and is closed Sundays and college holidays. Students have swipe access to their mailbox 24/7. The mail center also provides mail services, stamps and some supplies (envelopes, boxes, etc.).


For questions about our Mail Services, please contact the Mailroom coordinator, Allison Sever at (406) 447-5477 or