July 8, 2020 Insider: Saints Leading the Way

Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Carroll College’s Theatre Department, led by adjunct professor and FLEX Theatre Technical Director Stephen Seder, was all set to host our first TEDxCarrollCollege conference on March 14 featuring nine incredible speakers when COVID-19 derailed those plans.
The talks went ahead…but without an audience. Fortunately, all the talks were recorded and are now available online for your viewing pleasure. Speakers included students, faculty, and local professionals. The mission of TEDxCarrollCollege is to promote local ideas, and advances in research and academia to the Helena and Carroll community.
A tremendous amount of work and preparation went into these enlightening and inspirational talks. Please take the time to view each of these talks below and share them widely:
Rachel Bechtel | Reimagining the Experience of Disability | https://youtu.be/YvqkZ2hJzPg
As an ally and activist in the disability rights movement, Rachel Bechtel examines the beliefs our society holds about disability and the social structures that have resulted from these beliefs. Through this examination, she questions how the experience of disability would change if our society appreciated the diverse ways in which people exist in this world.
Citation: Bechtel, Rachel. "Reimagining the Experience of Disability." TEDxCarrollCollege, 2020, www.ted.com/talks/rachel_bechtel_reimagining_the_experience_of_disability.
Marie Bourgeois | Biomimicry, Innovation Inspired by Nature | https://youtu.be/1_iTuTh1oYU
How biologist and engineers are collaborating to design beautiful and functional infrastructure that serve all organisms, not just humans.
Citation: Bourgeois, Marie. "Biomimicry, Innovation Inspired by Nature." TEDxCarrollCollege, 2020, www.ted.com/talks/marie_bourgeois_biomimicry_innovation_inspired_by_nature.
Erik Escobar | Creating A More Fulfilling Lifestyle Through Humor | https://youtu.be/dXr-PRmffQE
We're all stressed and annoyed, but what if that cycle can be broken through a poop joke? This talk focuses on how to live a more fulfilling life through humor and comedy by taking every opportunity each day to make someone laugh.
Citation: Escobar, Erik. "Creating A More Fulfilling Lifestyle Through Humor." TEDxCarrollCollege, 2020, www.ted.com/talks/erik_escobar_creating_a_more_fulfilling_lifestyle_through_humor
Madison Fernandez | What Contributes to Poor Labor Standards? | https://youtu.be/esx80sGd748
A discussion on what contributes to poor labor standards. More specifically, how globalization affects the way we think about garment industry workers in the context of gendered discrimination. 
Citation: Fernandez, Madison. "What Contributes to Poor Labor Standards?" TEDxCarrollCollege, 2020, www.ted.com/talks/madison_fernandez_what_contributes_to_poor_labor_standards.
Jeanette Fregulia | Food and Race in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean | https://youtu.be/RuRMu1IX9jc
Cannibals, idolaters, and Sir John Mandeville’s monstrous races; peaches, coffee, cloves, and sugar – all early modern European descriptors of seemingly unknowable, and therefore terrifying, people who also happened to possess some of the most delectable foods and beverages. A conundrum to be sure. And yet, also an opportunity. From the stories of early modern travelers, pilgrims, merchants whose voyages took them East comes a new window into the intersection of food, race, and identity. In this talk Jeanette M. Fregulia, Associate Professor of History at Carroll College, steps into a small stretch of that intersection, into the tales spun by travelers of the Mediterranean that also offer a window into how the long history of food and drink is the equally long story of race, through times of cooperation and times of conflict.
Citation: Fregulia, Jeanette. "Food and Race in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean." TEDxCarrollCollege, 2020, www.ted.com/talks/jeanette_fregulia_food_and_race_in_the_pre_modern_mediterranean

Rachel Carroll Rivas | White Nationalism is Your Problem Too | https://youtu.be/FxjFqp5-SJQ
It’s Your Problem Too: Moving from Saviorism to Solidarity to Counter White Nationalism. The rising tide of white nationalism is a community problem, because everyone is better off in a world without racism and where inclusive democracy reigns. But, each person’s entry point into the movement for human rights is different. Listen to Rachel Carroll Rivas of the Montana Human Rights Network, a rural expert in the fight against anti-democratic white nationalist forces who has organized communities to respond to hate activity for over a decade, share personal stories from her journey and from the front lines of white anti-racist human rights activism. She makes the argument that anti-racists don’t need to be saviors or act solely in self-interest to fight white nationalism, but instead act in solidarity.
Citation: Rivas, Rachel Carroll. "White Nationalism Is Your Problem Too." TEDxCarrollCollege, 2020, www.ted.com/talks/rachel_carroll_rivas_white_nationalism_is_your_problem_too.
Brynn Shewman | The Language Within Us | https://youtu.be/rt-6waj_mdM
Studies in Anthrozoology and Interspecies Communication. Are you aware you can communicate with your pet in a way that can actually change your life? Brynn shares a story about how she discovered the mutually beneficial relationships that are formed by communication between humans and other animals - specifically horses and dogs.
Citation: Shewman, Brynn. "The Language Within Us." TEDxCarrollCollege, 2020, www.ted.com/talks/brynn_shewman_the_language_within_us.
Katy Wright | You Might Be A Montessorian | https://youtu.be/zFrtY6z81TA
Montessori education has been around for over 100 years...but what is it?  And why don't all students have access to it?  Katy Wright, a national board certified public educator, takes you on her journey of discovering how Montessori education can solve all of our problems in public education.
Citation: Wright, Katy. "You Might Be A Montessorian." TEDxCarrollCollege, 2020, https://youtu.be/zFrtY6z81TA.
Anna Wurzer | My Experiences with OCD and PANDAS | https://youtu.be/oSq4jwdMGAw
At the age of five, Anna had strep throat, a common infection that may have caused her to develop symptoms of OCD due to an uncommon neuropsychological disorder called PANDAS. From that point onward, she continued to grapple with a form of OCD known as scrupulosity, or religious OCD. These experiences shaped who she is by teaching her about the connection between mental and physical health. She learned the importance of acknowledging and conquering the fears that OCD feeds on, in order to regain control of her life.
Citation: Wurzer, Anna. "My Experiences with OCD and PANDAS." TEDxCarrollCollege, 2020, https://youtu.be/oSq4jwdMGAw.


Beginning next Monday, Carroll College is hosting our 10th Annual MountainMoot Conference. Carroll is proud to be at the forefront of providing training and instruction for online and digital learning and teaching. With COVID-19 forcing educators across the globe to adopt remote teaching capabilities, this year’s all online MountainMoot is a conference not to be missed.
A special bonus this year, due to COVID and educators being challenged to teach in this new learning environment, we have made the conference FREE for all.
To-date, we have over 450 attendees from over 30 U.S. states and abroad. Due to sponsorship funds, we were able to send out over 250 Mootloot boxes to attendees with t-shirts, stickers, double wall pint cup and notebooks in them. 
Our attendees are 1/3 K-12, 1/3 higher ed and 1/3 government and business. 
We also have a strong twitter presence at @mtmoot and #mtmoot.
We have partnered with the Montana Digital Academy, Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) and many others. In addition, we have two nationally known keynote speakers. Learn more at: http://www.mountainmoot.com.
Class Notes
Tarah Wheeler ’01, an alumna at Carroll College, has been selected for the prestigious Fulbright Cyber Security Scholar Award.
An information security researcher and political scientist, Wheeler is a Cyber Project Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University‘s Kennedy School of Government. She is Cybersecurity Policy Fellow at New America leading a new international cybersecurity capacity building project with the Hewlett Foundation’s Cyber Initiative. She is also a contributing cybersecurity expert for The Washington Post, and a highly sought-after cybersecurity speaker with The Lavin Agency. She is the author of the best-selling Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories. Supported by Fulbright, she will conduct research at Oxford University—in conjunction with the UK National Health Service—on defining cyber war crimes, and mitigating the bystander harms towards civilians in nation-state sponsored attacks. 
“I’m elated to have been selected for the US Fulbright Scholarship,” Wheeler said. “Often, the hidden victims of cyberwarfare are civilians, uncounted in the toll taken by state-sponsored cyberconflict, and it will be an honor to help shine a light on how ordinary people are personally affected by distant conflict unexpectedly spilling over into their jobs, healthcare, homes, food supply, and even lives.”
Dax, an archaeology dog owned by Dr. Lauri Travis, has found bones that are more than 5,000 years old. Photo courtesy of Lauri Travis.
Both Carroll College anthrozoology alumna Hannah Decker ’19 and Carroll sociology and anthropology professor Dr. Lauri Travis were recently featured in an article in The Atlantic discussing the use of dogs to help detect archaeological remains.

Decker spent her senior year training Travis’ dog, Dax, to detect mammal bones buried in the ground. Travis now works with Dax to identify archaeological sites that may contain ancient mammal bones. Decker did well in her training as Dax has found a 5,000-year-old bone that was buried 12 inches deep. Read more here: The Dogs That Sniff Out 5,000-Year-Old Bones: Archaeologists are using canine assistants to uncover ancient remains.
Paul Robert Bramsman '65 – read more about his life here.
Margaret "Maggie" (O'Malley) Long ’93 – read more about her life here.
Student News
Carroll senior Harry Green (pictured far right) and Keagan Stroop and Troy Hennes, friends from their high school days at Belt High School, gather at Green's family home on June 24 to prepare for their trek. Photo courtesy of Rion Sanders, Great Falls Tribune.
Carroll College senior Harry Green and two friends are teaming up for a 45-day, 500-mile pack trip through Montana’s wilderness in order to raise money for cancer research. Their goal is to raise at least $20,000, which will be donated to cancer treatment and research. Green, from Belt, Mont., is studying premed at Carroll and hopes to one day become an oncologist. Read more about their trip: Young friends embark on 500-mile pack trip across Montana for cancer research.
Saints Athletic News
Six Carroll College Fighting Saints individuals and one team have been nominated by their respective conferences for a bevy of national awards. 

The conference selected Dylan Kresge as its Dr. LeRoy Walker Character Award nominee; Taelyr Krantz as the A.O. Duer Scholarship Award nominee; Rachelle Sayers as its Coach of Character nominee; the Carroll Women's Basketball Team as its Conference Commissioner Association Champions of Character Team Award nominee; Gary Turcott as its NAIA Hall of Fame nominee and Steve Jones as its Charles Morris Administrator of the Year Award nominee. 

The Cascade Collegiate Conference selected Taryn Neameyer as its Dr. LeRoy Walker Character Award nominee. Read more here.
The Carroll College Fighting Saints athletic department recently earned the Cascade Collegiate Conference’s Presidents’ Academic Excellence Award. The award is based on academic merit from the 2019-20 sports calendar. 
In order to receive the designation, a department must achieve an overall combined GPA of 3.0 or better among their student-athletes that compete in sports that the CCC declares champions in and have 60% or higher of student-athletes who are eligible to receive Academic All-Conference recognition to do so.

Carroll’s CCC-affiliated programs combined for a 3.4 GPA, while 64% of its student-athletes were also designated as academic all-CCC. Read more.
Carroll College Fighting Saints women's golfer Sydnee Nowlen was named to the Women's Golf Coaches Association All-American Scholar list. 

A total of 1,401 collegiate golfers across classification levels were given the honor. The minimum GPA allowed to earn the honor is a cumulative GPA of 3.50. 

According to the WGCA's release, Nowlen, a junior from Missoula, Mont., is the lone recipient of the Frontier Conference to earn the award. 
Faculty/Staff News
Carroll's faculty are dedicated, caring, productive, and smart. Their work with our students and their service to their academic societies helps to steer and power the college.

From publications and presentations to grants and awards, the annual Faculty Accomplishments brochure highlights the Carroll College faculty's wide-ranging scholarly activities and achievements.

These faculty accomplishment pages offer a snapshot of the faculty’s scholarly activities, each of which represents months, years, and, in some instances, decades of dedication. As a whole, the list of publications and artistic productions underscores the wide range of interests and expertise of our faculty. View it here.
Carroll in the News
In case you missed it, check out some of media coverage featuring Carroll College from the last few weeks:
Employment News
Have you ever thought of working at Carroll? Check out our current openings:

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