Troy Leistiko

Class of 1992 |
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Engineering , Civil Engineering , Mathematics
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Degree: Mathematics, 1992

Post-Graduate Degree: Master's Degree from Stanford University in Structural Engineering - 2007

Current Work: Senior Structural Engineer and Vice President, Eclipse Engineering, Inc. in Missoula

Brief description of responsibilities: In charge of structural design of buildings and accessory structures, conceptual development and design of framing systems and foundation systems, project management, specification writing, site inspection work, expert witness services, recruiting, management, and ownership duties (create a vision for the company's future).

Briefly describe one of your more interesting projects or assignments to date: Engineering is inherently un-interesting, but I once performed a site inspection where the client had a pet bobcat anxiously pacing back-and-forth on a clothes line adjacent to the foundation while I worked. Gymnasiums are my favorite structures to design. I engineered two five-story buildings on the University of Montana campus (Anderson Hall and the Interdisciplinary Science Building).

Briefly describe a notable memory from your days at Carroll: By far the most unforgettable event was the Blast of 1989. Nothing quite like a train explosion to give us a chance to bond together and overcome adversity.

A piece of advice for prospective Carroll engineering students: Take the tough engineering courses to help you land a job. Take the psychology courses and the communication courses to help you become a leader.