TJ Abraham

Class of 2023 |
  • Engineering
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Mechanical Engineer, Thermo Fisher Scientific
TJ Abraham


Degree: Engineering Mechanics

Graduation Year: 2021

Briefly describe a notable memory from your days at Carroll: One of my favorite experiences from my time at Carroll was playing in the football Conference Championship game. We beat College of Idaho and went to the playoffs. Celebrating that win with my team is a special memory. 

A piece of advice for prospective Carroll engineering students: Take advantage of the time you have at college.  It is a fun exciting part of your life that will go by faster than you think. Go to all the activities, be part of a group, and explore the amazing opportunities Carroll has to offer. You don’t want to regret missing out on something because you thought it wasn’t for you.

Current Work: I am a Mechanical Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific. I am also a Graduate student at Utah State University working to obtain a master's in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Fluid Dynamics.

Briefly describe one of your more interesting projects or assignments to date: One of my more interesting projects has been studying dynamic forces on a helix drive within a bioreactor in order to meet design requirements for a new product.