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Terri John, BA

She has provided administrative support for the Department of Nursing since 1999, Terri is an alum of Carroll College (1985) whose special interests include qigong, creative writing, reading, hiking, nature, holistic health, and spirituality.

Stop by the nursing office for snacks, tea, and hugs!

I smiled at the timing when I was invited to be featured in the Staff Spotlight this week because next Wednesday is “Downsy Day” and gives me the opportunity to shine the light on another Carroll "Saint," John Downs.

John Downs (nicknamed “Downsy”), was a beloved psychology professor at Carroll who died from leukemia in 2002. In 2004, a proclamation was signed at Carroll College making John’s birthday, April 15, "Downsy Day" on campus; a day when members of the Carroll community are encouraged to perform unselfish acts of service, kindness, compassion, patience, generosity and love according to their own inspiration. It has been part of my personal mission to keep the living memorial of “Downsy Day” alive at Carroll because kindness is so important! John lived a victorious life in so many ways and inspired me by example to be more serviceful, open-hearted, and fully present.

I graduated as valedictorian from Carroll College in 1985 and my journey through college was one of darkness, doubts, and discovery. Surviving clinical depression and a deep crisis of faith during those years, I eventually realized that my questions were more important than the answers I sought through my intellect and fully embarked on the journey of the heart which has brought me Peace and Joy. As a qigong student, practitioner, and teacher, I have learned about being an open channel between the heaven and the earth, a true human being. That is my aspiration: to “do small things with great love,” “bloom where I’m planted,” live simply, be a positive point of reference for others, and an “instrument of Thy peace.” To understand nothing and become nobody takes time and I am definitely a work in progress, but have learned that I am enough.

Coming back to Carroll more than 21 years ago in an administrative service role for the nursing department brought healing and fulfillment in so many ways. I have a sticky note near my desk that says, “Lord, it is good to be here” and I do feel blessed! To work with nurses who are so kind and dedicated is truly a joy! Carroll College is filled with wonderful, caring people and it has been a privilege to be here for so many years.

This is an especially important time to be kind and keep our hearts open. Please complete an act of kindness this week, in memory of John or someone else who has inspired you, or just to give your heart Joy. May all beings be well and happy!