Soumitree Gupta

Associate Professor - English | English
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Portrait of Dr. Soumitree Gupta


Areas of research or interests include: postcolonial studies, transnational cultural studies, diaspora studies, comparative race and ethnic studies, and transnational gender studies."As a feminist scholar committed to social justice, I seek to foster a collective learning environment where my students are able to make critical connections among power, ideology, representation and students’ own embodied social identities along the intersecting axes of gender, race, class, nation, (dis)ability, and so on. To this end, I use a wide variety of approaches and mediums (including sociological and historical texts, mainstream and alternative media texts, graphic narratives, performance texts etc.) in my classes. I’m really excited about the World Literature and Composition courses that I’m teaching this semester. The students are very motivated, smart, self-reflexive, and engaged. I’m also teaching an Introduction to Literature course, which is sub-titled Literature, Media, and Identity."


Ph.D., Syracuse University.