Rachel Martin

Academic Instructional Technologist | Academic Affairs
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Rachel Martin is an instructional designer, teacher, and trainer who has worked in education for fourteen years. She started in elementary schools and still holds a valid Washington State teaching certificate with endorsements to teach English Language Learners, English Language Arts, and Elementary Education.

She enjoys taking classes herself and has two Master's Degrees. Before joining the team at Carroll, Rachel was an English Language Specialist working on U.S. State Department programs in Peru, where she trained hundreds of teachers, organized two online conferences, co-wrote a web series, and hosted more than 30 webinars.

Rachel has previously lived in Lima, Peru; Dakar, Senegal; and three different U.S. states. An alumna of the Klingenstein Summer Institute for Early Career Teachers (KSI) at Columbia University, AmeriCorps, Fulbright ETA, and the English Language Fellows program, Rachel is a believer in the power of collaboration, cross-cultural communication, and exchange programs.

Although she considers herself a techie, she sees her role in Academic Technology as being more about people than tools. "I'm looking forward to meeting and having conversations with as many people on campus as possible. Come to my office, send me an email, or let's grab a coffee; I want to hear about what is working for you in terms of technology and what isn't. What are you working on? What do you wish it did? What is your pandemic-hobby-turned-research-project or the question that you've been trying to solve for 10 years? The best solutions often come out of unexpected connections."

When not working, Rachel can usually be found gardening, playing with her dog, or reading science fiction.