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Head of IT User Services | Campus Computing and Information Technology (CCIT)
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Campus Computing & Info Tech - Technology Service Desk Specialist

You never know where life is going to take you. Sometimes God, the universe, whatever your higher power may be, has different plans for you. I still wonder some days how a journalism major with a Spanish minor ended up in IT and not traveling the world writing articles for National Geographic or translating at the UN.

So how you may ask did I end up here? After having a taste of the big city of LA, we moved back to Montana and long story short, I ended up working for the Helena School District. One day my principal asked me to help with a PowerPoint presentation to the school board. We were showing off Smart Boards, new technology at the time. “Why me?” I asked. “You think like a computer,” was her response and that was the beginning. The district cut the yearbook program at the middle school the year my oldest daughter was in 8th grade. I went to the same principal and asked if I could head a group of parents and put one together. We ended up making money and saving the program.

I’d gone from bus assistant to special needs paraprofessional to secretary and nurse’s aide and finally, administrative assistant to the principal – all along being the go-to person to troubleshoot for technology. The network administrator had been asking me for a couple of years to work for him at the district level. My kids were old enough to take a 12-month position so I went for it. I learned a lot from him. He had a teacher’s heart. If I wanted to learn, he was willing to show me and my responsibilities grew.

One day I saw a Facebook post that Carroll was hiring for the IT Help Desk and I took a shot. I was elated when I got the position and haven’t regretted a thing. I love the family atmosphere here and, God willing, will stay until I retire.

I grew up in a large family and raised a large family and now Carroll is also my family. And isn’t that what life is all about?