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Major: Business Administration with concentrations in marketing and finance

Why business? I chose business because of how applicable it is to everyday life. I have always been interested in business strategies (how and why businesses make the decisions they do).

What do you like about Carroll? Carroll has amazing faculty and staff that truly care about your experience, not only in college, but in life.

What do you like about the business department? The business department offers incredible opportunities to take what you learn in the classroom and then apply it in the real world. It is not about just reading or text books but about applying that knowledge. Also, the relationships you build with the business professors is invaluable. The small class sizes allow for personal relationships to be built. The professors learn what your interests and goals are, and they assist you in any way possible to help you achieve those goals. The professors make the department!

What are you doing now? I am a Business Analyst and Project Manager for NIC in Helena, specializing in working with government entities.