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Adjunct - Political Science | Political Science
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Cody Ferguson received his B.A. from Carroll College (Class of 2001), his M.A. in from Northern Arizona University, and his Ph.D. from Arizona State University. He has taught courses in American History, Environmental History, Public History, Digital History, World History, History of the American West, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, and Women's History as well as courses in Environmental Policy and Environmental Studies, International Relations and Contemporary Global Issues. He has published numerous articles and book chapters on the history of the American West and the environmental movement and is the author of This Is Our Land: Grassroots Environmentalism In The Late Twentieth-Century (Rutgers, 2015). In addition, he has directed and contributed to multiple public digital history projects including "Stories of the REACH" (for the Hanford REACH Museum) and "Salt River Stories", and served as a consultant for the documentary short So Close to America: Farmworker Realities in the Days of Trump and Beyond and as an educational consultant for the documentary film, A Fierce Green Fire: The Battle for a Living Planet. He has also co-directed the NEH-funded public humanities project "Nature, Culture, and History at the Nation's Edge."

When he is not teaching at Carroll, he works to help Montana communities plan for resilience as Community Planning Program Manager with the Montana Department of Commerce or can be found running, biking, climbing, or chasing kids around the wilds of the West with his wife Lauren.