Cameron Ferguson

Area Coordinator | Community Living
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Area Coordinator: Trinity Hall and the Campus Apartments. 

Cameron Ferguson joined Carroll College joining in 2021. In 2019, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago Divinity School with a specialization in New Testament and Early Christian Literature. Though new to Student Life, Cameron has extensive experience in higher education, both as a faculty member and as an administrator. He has held a wide range of teaching posts related to New Testament studies; he is trained as a writing instructor (having served as a Writing Specialist at the University of Chicago's Writing Center); he ran the University of Chicago Divinity School's Craft of Teaching Program (designed to facilitate dialogue around best teaching practices in the academic study of religion); and he has held multiple student-leadership positions, including as the University of Chicago Divinity Students Association (DSA) president. Cameron looks forward to joining a community at Carroll where students, faculty, and staff can learn and grow together, and he hopes to make a positive impact, however small, upon those who have made the wonderful choice to call Carroll College and Helena, Montana their home!

Cam shares that you should ask him about:

  • Student Leadership opportunities on Campus
  • Campus life, especially as expressed within Trinity and Borromeo Halls, as well as the Campus Apartments
  • Housing and apartment contracts
  • Campus resources (facilities, academic, and wellness)
  • Best practices in study, research, and academic writing
  • The ancient history and development of Christianity
  • The names of any and all ANZ foster dogs on Campus