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"I have enjoyed 45 years at Carroll in the Facilities Department. While maybe not as much of a family affair as some of the past featured staff have shared, I do have some Carroll connections. Growing up, I was an Army brat with my dad being stationed all around the country and the family moving every 18 months or so. My family eventually moved to Townsend, Montana (my mom’s hometown), when my dad was stationed in Vietnam and when he finished his military duty he started working at Carroll – so there enters my initial family connection. I started out as a custodian, then transitioned into the Grounds department and then the Facilities crafts and eventually the Director’s position. I am not articulate enough to convey how proud and happy I have been to work at Carroll and participate in the development of the many wonderful students.

I have seen and been a part of ten separate building construction projects on campus and many internal remodeling projects. I was involved in the Train Blast of 1989 and getting the campus back in shape for the return to school. Over the years, I have served on Staff Advisory, Budget Committee, Master Planning, and a few construction planning groups. I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a Guatemala EWB trip where we helped remove and construct new structurally sound walls.

I met my wife when she worked for the college as a student for me for the Grounds department. We have raised four Carroll Saints, who have spent most of their time at Carroll, either at campus events or for school. I also have four grandchildren that brighten my day on every occasion. I have many extended family members that have also attended Carroll.

I have gotten to know many great faculty, staff, and students over the years and look forward to Homecoming every year to reacquaint with returning alumni."

I do have many hobbies and enjoy all types of outdoor recreation. My second life is that of being a referee of many different sports over the years. I have refereed soccer, softball, basketball, and volleyball for over 15 years.