'When Words Get In The Way' Event

Carroll Campus
Library Sage Room
When Words Get In The Way Event

Please join Kevin Hadduck and Elaine Schultz (Computer Science 2023) for a casual book reading and discussion of their recently published book, When Words Get In The Way, A Journey with Aphasia on March 2 at 4 pm in the Library - Sage Room.

Kevin and Elaine will have some signed copies of the book available for purchase for $27.50 or you can order online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Book

The story of Elaine unfolds within a set of concerns fraught with tension. Born prematurely in 1988, Elaine suffered brain bleeds, resulting in aphasia—a condition affecting her language acquisition and expression. At home, her parents believed in her ability to overcome her developmental delays and to learn as well as other children. In her early school years, Elaine benefited from the dedicated support of some teachers, doctors, therapists and other professionals; but she also confronted health care workers and educators who did not understand or appreciate her disability and unique educational needs. As Elaine progressed through public schools, her parents fought a long and hard legal battle on her behalf, hoping to secure for her the kinds of help she needed in order to flourish as a student. All of this took place within the larger context of the nation’s educational system coming to terms with the fairly new legislations, the IDEA and ADA.

Hard copy $27.50
Also available online as hard copy and e-book.
ISBN 978-1-958217-35-1  www.stillwaterpress.com

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