Cierra Powell

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Cierra Powell
Carroll College
  • Hispanic Studies and Languages
  • International Relations

Class of: 2018

Double Major: Spanish and International Relations 

Cierra Powell, class of 2018, was the college’s first recipient of a Fulbright U.S. Student Program Award. Powell will serve as a cultural ambassador for the United States in the Canary Islands (Las Canarias) of Spain where she was an English Teaching Assistant for early childhood and/or elementary education.

In 2021, she was awarded a Charles B. Rangel International Fellowship which will prepare her for a career in Foreign Service for the State Department. Of 1,056 applicants, she was selected as one of 45 Rangel Fellows. Cierra has done very well since graduating from Carroll.

My experience at Carroll College has greatly prepared me to apply for the Fulbright. My professors worked in earnest to guarantee the content of their classes were thorough. Regardless of academic discipline, they constantly took the time to ensure that I had the demeanor and work ethic necessary to take on any future academic or professional endeavor I pursued. My life changed just days into my freshman year, in large part, thanks to Dr. Ryan Hallows and Dr. Alexander Street. They provided the unequivocal support as professors, advisors and mentors to help me to discover my passion in global affairs. Overall, the Carroll College faculty and staff are an important part in all of my academic and professional achievements, including my acceptance into the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program, and I am extremely grateful.