Wellness Center

The Wellness Center at Carroll College

Carroll's Wellness Center offers quality health care to Carroll students. (Mostly free of charge!) You can get your flu symptoms checked out, you can get your immunizations completed, or you can meet with a counselor to discuss problems you may be having as you transition from home to college. Please don't wait until you are feeling overwhelmed or sick before you make plans to visit us. The sooner you address your health issues, the easier it is to get your life back on track!

The Wellness Center is open from 9 am to noon and 1 pm until 4 pm Monday through Friday. However, it is closed for school holidays and during the months of June and July. To find the Wellness Center, simply travel to the ground floor of Guadalupe Hall.

For appointments call (406) 447-5441. 

Personal Extensions:

  • Kerri Rigsby, Nurse (406) 447-5438
  • Kelli Kerpa, Counselor (406) 447-5443
  • Anna Rolando, Counselor (406) 447-4413
  • Lindy Coonen Office Managers (406) 447-5441

FAX (406) 447-4553

Weekly Clinic with Nurse Practitioner
Our Nurse Practitioner, Denise Smigaj, FNP, takes appointments every Tuesday afternoon (1:00-5:15 PM) to see students who may need further evaluations or prescriptions. Please call for an appointment, as her time tends to fill up fast. Thanks!

Visits to the Wellness Center staff are confidential. This means that communication between all staff and client is privileged and safe-guarded, i.e., information is not released to anyone (parents, employers, or authorities) without your written permission, per the legal standards of the State of Montana concerning Privileged Communication (37-23-301) and the ethical code of the American Counseling Association.

Immunization records

Pay online - Immunization RecordsThe Wellness Center will transfer your immunization records to another college or university upon your request. Graduates may need a copy of their immunization records to submit to their graduate program or employer. Please contact the Wellness Center at 406-447-5441 to ensure your records are still on file and to make a request for your immunization records.

The Wellness Center charges a $8.00 records transfer fee. American Express, MasterCard, Discover card and Visa are acceptable methods of payment. All payments will be processed through TouchNet, a third party provider. Make an online payment here.

Relaxation Room

Our Relaxation Room is a good place to chill out! There is plenty of room to stretch out, listen to your music with headphones, study for a test or simply catch 5 on the couch.