IMPACT Annual Fund

Carroll College Sophomore Emily Solano

Dear Friends,

Photo of Emily SolanoMy name is Emily Solano and I am a sophomore studying psychology and sociology at Carroll College. I am writing to express my immense gratitude for your help in making my dream to attend Carroll a reality. Thank you for supporting Carroll’s annual fund and student scholarships. Today I ask you to continue helping other Carroll students like me.

While in high school I was unsure of what my future held. I did not realize how stressful it would be to apply for college, let alone the finances needed to pay for school, but I knew I wanted to pursue a college degree. In the midst of these big life decisions, I received an email from Carroll College with an application and an opportunity to apply for financial aid. I thought this opportunity was too good to be true. I took a leap of faith, filled out the application and awaited a response. Many things fell into place from there; I was accepted to Carroll, I visited campus and fell in love with the community atmosphere, I made my commitment to attend Carroll and I received financial aid and scholarships.

From deciding to come to Carroll until now I’ve been on an incredible journey. I left home in Port Orchard, Washington, a month before fall classes began. I was excited to adventure out, to get a fresh start, to enter into the college life. I’ve loved getting involved, meeting new people and learning about life in and out of the classroom. Carroll has been the perfect place for me to grow, learn and better myself.

With the support of my professors, friends and staff at Carroll College, I was able to define a path for my future. I look forward to diving further into my classes, and although graduation is a few years away, I have big plans for life after Carroll. I will attend graduate school and earn my master’s in sociology with the end goal of working in the foster care system helping others.

I would not have arrived in Helena without the financial help of scholarships generously donated by so many. I want to thank you once more for being a part of my Carroll College journey. Without you I would not be here living out my college dream and chasing my life goals.

You can make your gift today! Thank you for showing what it means to be a Saint—your gift changes lives.

Signiture of Emily Solano
Emily Solano

What is the IMPACT Annual Fund?

Our passions often guide the choices we make. For each of us, what is closest to our hearts is vastly different. Perhaps it is valuing young people, their ideas, energy and desire to make a difference in our world. Maybe you want to support students growing to their potential and making their educational goals a reality. Or, you want to give back to the place that started you on the path to your life’s work and helped you to fulfill your passions.

Whatever the reason, your gift made to Carroll College IMPACT Annual Fund today makes an immediate difference. The IMPACT Annual Fund provides a special opportunity to support Carroll’s strategic initiatives while providing continuing support to Carroll students.  Both are critically important to the future, both Carroll’s and the students we serve.

Your annual support is critical so we want to provide a variety of avenues for giving that speak to your passions.

Student Scholarships

Without question, the greatest need is student scholarships. 99% of Carroll students receive financial aid. Your gift allows students the opportunity to lessen their financial burden, freeing them to focus on their Carroll experience.

Your Interest or Passion

You are also most welcome to designate your gift to area that speaks to your heart.  As an alumni, you may want to make your gift to the department of your major or the student program that made your Carroll experience special. As a business, you may want to support a department on campus that prepares employees for the future. And friends of the college, have their own special connections they may want to honor with a gift.

Let Us Decide

Your gift is immediately directed to the college’s greatest need including the ability to offer innovative student programs, attract and retain excellent faculty and students, and maintain Carroll’s beautiful campus and facilities. A strong annual fund allows Carroll to pursue excellence in all areas.

Give Now

Make a secure contribution online today. Or send your contribution to:

Development Office
Carroll College
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If you have questions or need assistance in directing your IMPACT Annual Fund gift, Kellie Dold, Director of Annual Giving, is available at:

Carroll College Office of Institutional Advancement
1601 N. Benton Ave.
Helena, MT 59625-0002

You can call (800) 503-7458, ext. 4321 or (406) 447-4321 or email Kellie at