Montana Two-Year College Transfer Guide

University of Montana - Western

UMWCarroll College
ACT 106Beginning Conditioning and Fitnessn/cLAS 102Physical Education Activities---
ACT 110Beginning Weight Training1LAS 102Physical Education Activities---
ACT 114Beginning Rock Climbing1LAS 102Physical Education Activities---
ACT 173Beginning Fly Fishing/Fly Tying1LAS 102Physical Education Activities---
ACTG 201Principles of Financial Accounting3BA 203Principles of Accounting I---
ACTG 202Principles of Managerial Accounting3BA 204Principles of Accounting II---
AGSC 292Independent Studyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHAT 210Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries4HPE 402Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries---
AHMS 258Practicum in Med Transcriptionn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ANTY 220Culture & Society4SO 204Cultural AnthropologySocial Science--
ARTH 160Global Visual Culture4Art 189Art ElectiveFine ArtsGD-
ARTH 200Art of World Civilization I4ART 289Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTH 201Art of World Civilization II4ART 289Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTZ 101Art Fundamentals4ART 189Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTZ 105Visual Language -Drawing4ART 112DrawingFine Arts--
ARTZ 106Visual Language -2-D Foundations4ART 189Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTZ 108Visual Language -3-D Foundations4ART 189Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTZ 191Special Topicsn/cART 189Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTZ 211Drawing I4ART 112DrawingFine Arts--
ARTZ 221Painting I4ART 289Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTZ 224Watercolor I4ART 206Watercolor PaintingFine Arts--
ARTZ 231Ceramics I4ART 289Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTZ 251Sculpture I4ART 289Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTZ 271Printmaking I4ART 289Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTZ 292Independent Studyn/cCASE BY CASE----
ASTR 110Introduction to Astronomy4AS 102AstronomyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BGEN 235Business Law4BA 289Business Elective---
BGEN 253Business Statistics and Research4BA 289Business Elective---
BIOB 101Discover Biology4BI 101Life ScienceNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOB 160Principles of Living Systems4BI 121Foundations of Cell and Molecular BiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOB 170Principles of Biological Diversity4BI 122Foundations of Organismal BiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOB 260Cellular and Molecular Biology4BI 289Biology ElectiveNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOM 260General Microbiology (=360)4BI 214-General MicrobiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOM 261General Microbiology Lab (=361)n/cBI 289LBiology Elective---
BIOO 220General Botany (=320)4BI 289Biology Elective(no lab)---
BMGT 210Small Business Entrepreneurship3BA 289Business Elective---
CAPP 100Short Courses: Computer Literacy1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CAPP 254Advanced MS Word4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CAPP 266Advanced MS Excel Applications4CS 213*Management Information Systems--*if CAPP 158 is also completed
CHMY 121Introduction to General Chemistry4CH 111Essentials of Chemistry:- GeneralNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 122Introduction to General Chemistry Laboratoryn/cCH 111LEssentials of Chemistry:- General LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 141College Chemistry I4CH 101General Chemistry INatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 142College Chemistry Laboratory In/cCH 101LGeneral Chemistry I LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 143College Chemistry II4CH 102General Chemistry IINatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 144College Chemistry Laboratory IIn/cCH 102LGeneral Chemistry II LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 290Undergraduate Researchn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CJUS 121Introduction to Criminal Justice4SO 189Sociology ElectiveSocial Science--
COA 210Introduction to Sports Officiating2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
COA 294Workshopn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
COA 394Workshopn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
COA 494Workshopn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
COMX 217Oral Interpretation4CO 289Communication Elective---
CRWR 240Introduction Creative Writing Workshop4ENWR 264Introduction to Creative Writing-WI-
ECNS 101Economic Way of Thinking3EC 106Survey of EconomicsSocial Science--
ECNS 201Principles of Microeconomics3EC 201Principles of Economics ISocial Science--
ECNS 202Principles of Macroeconomics3EC 202Principles of Economics IISocial Science--
ECNS 290Undergraduate Researchn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECP 100First Aid and CPR1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 108Introduction to Early Childhood Education1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 130Health, Safety, and Nutrition in Early Childhood4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 210Meeting the Needs of Families2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 211Meeting the Needs of Families Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 220Creating an Environment for Learning, Early Childhood2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 221Creating an Environment for Learning, Early Childhood Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 230Positive Child Guidance2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 231Positive Child Guidance Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 247Child and Adolescent Growth and Development3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 248Child and Adolescent Growth and Development Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 249Infant/Toddler Development and Group Care4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 265Leadership and Professionalism in Early Childhood Education2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 281Early Childhood Curriculum Design and Implementation I2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 282Early Childhood Curriculum Design and Implementation I lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 291Special Topics in Early Childhoodn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 298EC Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDU 201Introduction to Education with Field Experience4ED 102Foundations of Education (if WI criteria are met)---
EDU 222Educational Psychology and Child Development4ED/PSY 229Educational PsychologySocial Science--
EDU 291Special Topics/Experimental Coursesn/cED 289Education ElectiveProvides the student with basic knowledge of adult-child interaction, support strategies, literacy development, and observation techniques.- A field experience is integrated into the course and assignments.--
EQUH 155Introduction to Natural Horsemanship3ANZ 189Anthrozoology ElectiveSocial Science--
EQUH 252Natural Horsemanship: Building a Relationship3ANZ 289Anthrozoology ElectiveSocial Science--
EQUH 254Natural Horsemanship: Harmony with your Horse I3ANZ 289Anthrozoology ElectiveSocial Science--
EQUH 255Natural Horsemanship: Harmony with your Horse II3ANZ 289Anthrozoology ElectiveSocial Science--
EQUS 101Introduction to Equine Studies4ANZ 231Anthrozoology ElectiveSocial Science--
EQUS 102Horse Conformation and Selection4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EQUS 103Horse Conformation and Selection Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
GEO 101Introduction to Physical Geology4ES 111Earth ScienceNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
GEO 102Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratoryn/cES 189LEarth Science LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
GEO 290Undergraduate Researchn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
GPHY 121Human Geography4GEOG 189Geography ElectiveSocial Science--
HSTA 101American History I4HI 121History of the United States IHistory--
HSTA 102American History II4HI 122History of the United States IIHistory--
HSTA 111American Civil Rights Movement4HI 189History ElectiveHistory--
HSTA 215Post-WW II America4HI 289History ElectiveHistory--
HSTR 101Western Civilization I4HI 101Topics in Global HistoryHistory--
HSTR 102Western Civilization II4HI 102Topics in Global HistoryHistory--
HTH 110Personal Health and Wellnessn/cHPE 135Introduction to Wellness---
ITS 164Networking Fundamentals4CS 189Computer Science Elective---
ITS 258Routing and Switching4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 292Independent Study1CASE BY CASE----
LIT 110Introduction to Literature4ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
LIT 210American Literature I4ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
LIT 285Mythologies3ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
M 121College Algebra4MA 117Difference Equations and Linear AlgebraMathematics--
M 161Survey of Calculus4MA 121Differential CalculusMathematics--
M 171Calculus I4MA 121Differential CalculusMathematics--
M 172Calculus II4MA 122Integral CalculusMathematics--
M 221Introduction to Linear Algebra4MA 232*Differential Equations & Linear Albegra 1Mathematics-*If M 274 is also completed
M 273Multivariable Calculus4MA 233Multivariable CalculusMathematics--
M 274Introduction to Differential Equations4MA 232*Differential Equations & Linear Albegra 1Mathematics-*If M 221 is also completed
M 290Undergraduate Researchn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 90Introductory Algebra4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 95Intermediate Algebra4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 200Machining3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 279Computer-aided Manufacturing-Metals4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MUSI 103Fundamentals of Musical Creation2MUS 189Music ElectiveFine Arts--
MUSI 135Keyboard Skills I2MUS 109*Keyboard Musicianship IFine Arts-*If MUSI 136 is also completed
MUSI 136Keyboard Skills II2MUS 109*Keyboard Musicianship IFine Arts-*If MUSI 135 is also completed
MUSI 140Aural Perception I2MUS 119*Sight Singing and Aural SkillsFine Arts-*If MUSI 141 is also completed
MUSI 141Aural Perception II2MUS 119*Sight Singing and Aural SkillsFine Arts-*If MUSI 140 is also completed
MUSI 147Choral Ensemble1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MUSI 160Beginning Guitar2MUS 189Music ElectiveFine Arts--
MUSI 195Applied Music I2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MUSI 202Introduction to Music Literature4MUS 261Music Appreciation-- 
MUSI 291Special Topics/Experimental Courses2MUS 289Music ElectiveFine Arts--
MUSI 292Independent Studyn/cCASE BY CASE----
NUTR 221Basic Human Nutrition4NU 289Nursing Elective---
PHL 101Introduction to Philosophy4Phil 101Perspectives in PhilosophyPhilosophy--
PHOT 154Exploring Digital Photography4ART 113Digital PhotographyFine Arts--
PHSX 103Our Physical World4PHYS 103Physical ScienceNatural Science with lab--
PHSX 220Physics I (with calculus)4PHYS 205Physics Using Calculus I: MechanicsNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
PHSX 221Physics I Laboratoryn/cPhys 205*Physics Using Calculus I: MechanicsNatural Science-*If PHYS 220 is also completed
PHSX 222Physics II (with calculus)4PHYS 206Physics Using Calculus II: Electricity and MagnetismNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
PHSX 223Physics II Laboratoryn/cPhys 206*Physics Using Calculus II: Electricity and MagnetismNatural Science-*If PHYS 222 is also completed
PHSX 224Physics III4PHYS 289Physics ElectiveNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
PSCI 210Introduction to American Government4PO 104American National GovernmentSocial Science--
PSCI 250Introduction to Political Theory4PO 289Political Science ElectiveSocial Science--
PSYX 100Introduction to Psychology4PSY 105General PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology4PSY 203Developmental PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 238Adolescent Psychology4PSY 238Adolescent Psychology---
PSYX 270Fundamentals Psychology of Learning4PSY 307Learning and BehaviorSocial Science--
PSYX 280Fundamentals of Memory and Cognition4PSY 314Cognitive PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 290Undergraduate Researchn/cCase By Case----
PSYX 291Special Topicsn/cPSY 189Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology4SO 101Introduction to SociologySocial Science--
SOCI 201Social Problems4SO 200Social ProblemsSocial ScienceND-
SOCI 292Independent Studyn/cCASE BY CASE----
SOCI 294Seminar/Workshopn/cCASE BY CASE----
THTR 101Introduction to Theatre2THT 189Theatre ElectiveFine Arts--
THTR 120Introduction to Acting I4THT 111Introduction to ActingFine Arts--
THTR 202Stagecraft I: Lighting and Costumes4THT 289Theatre ElectiveFine Arts--
THTR 203Stagecraft II4THT 121StagecraftFine Arts--
THTR 205Theatre Workshop II2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WRIT 101College Writing I4ENWR 102College Composition IIComposition--
WRIT 95Developmental Writing3WILL NOT TRANSFER----