Montana Two-Year College Transfer Guide

Missoula College - University of Montana

MCCarroll College
ACTG 100Essentials of Accounting4BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 101Accounting Procedures I4BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 102Accounting Procedures IIn/cBA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 180Payroll Accounting3BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 191Special Topics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ACTG 201Principles of Financial Accounting4BA 203Principles of Accounting I---
ACTG 202Principles of Managerial Accounting3BA 204Principles of Accounting II---
ACTG 211Income Tax Fundamentals3BA 289Business Elective---
ACTG 215Foundations of Government & Not for Profit Accounting3BA 289Business Elective---
ACTG 237Strategies Bus Entities3BA 289Business Elective---
ACTG 250Accounting Capstone4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ACTG 291Special Topics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ACTG 298Internship2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 191Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 201Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 203Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures II4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 260Medical Assisting Laboratory Procedures In/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 262Medical Assisting Laboratory Procedures IIn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 291Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 298Medical Assisting Externship3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 108Health Data Content & Structure3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 144Medical Terminologyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 154Advanced Medical Terminology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 155Medical Software Applications2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 156Medical Billing Fundamentals3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 162Beginning Diagnosis Coding3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 164Beginning Diagnosis Coding: ICD-103WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 175Medical Law and Ethicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 210Basic Medical Coding3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 216Survey of Pharmaceutical Products3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 220Medical Office Procedures4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 245Simulated Lab3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 252Computerized Medical Billingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 255Medical Transcription I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 256Medical Transcription II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 270Medical Ethics3PHIL 208BioethicsPhilosophy--
AHMS 298Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 101Communication and Management1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 129Patient Care and Assessment4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 131Respiratory Care Fundamentals I5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 132Respiratory Care Fundamentals II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 150Respiratory Care Laboratory I1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 231Respiratory Critical Care4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 232Respiratory Pathology and Disease3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 235Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 242Respiratory Management1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 243Perinatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 250Respiratory Care Laboratory II2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 252Respiratory Care Review2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 255Clinical Experience I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 260Respiratory Care Laboratory III1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 265Clinical Experience II5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 270Respiratory Care Laboratory IV1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 275Clinical Experience III6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 291Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 101Introduction to Surgical Technology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 115Surgical Lab I2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 154Surgical Pharmacology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 164Micro for the Surg Tech3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 200Operating Room Techniques5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 201Surgical Procedures I2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 202Surgical Procedures II5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 250Surgical Clinical I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 251Surgical Clinical II5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 298Surgical Internship5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 100Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 101Patient Care in Radiology2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 121Radiographic Imaging I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 140Radiographic Methods2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 141Radiology Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 160Radiological Technology II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 161Radiology II Positioning Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 191Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 192Independent Studyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 195Radiographic Clinical12WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 221Radiographic Imaging II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 225Radiobiology/Radiation Protection2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 240Pathology and Image Analysis2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 270Radiographic Registry Review2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 274Cross Sectional Anatomyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 275Physics and Instrumentationn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 291Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 295Radiographic Clinical9WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 298Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AMGT 145Records Management2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AMGT 192Independent Study3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AMGT 240Administrative Support for the Office2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AMGT 298Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ANTY 101Anthropology and the Human Experiencen/cAN 189Anthropology ElectiveSocial Science--
ANTY 191Special Topicsn/cCASE BY CASE----
ARTZ 105Visual Language -Drawingn/cART 112DrawingFine Arts--
BFIN 205Personal Financen/cBA 289Business Elective---
BGEN 105Introduction to Business3BA 100Introduction to Business---
BGEN 160Issues in Sustainability3BA 189Business Elective---
BGEN 235Business Law3BA 289Business Elective---
BIOB 101Discover Biologyn/cBI 101Life ScienceNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOB 191Special Topicsn/cBI 189Biology Elective---
BIOB 295Field Workn/cCASE BY CASE----
BIOH 108Basic Anatomy3BI 189Biology Elective---
BIOH 201Human Anatomy and Physiology I (=301)4BI 201Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology INatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOH 202Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratoryn/cBI 201LIntro. To Human Anatomy & Physiology I LabNatural Science--
BIOH 211Human Anatomy and Physiology II (=311)4BI 202Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology IINatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOH 212Human Anatomy and Physiology II Labn/cBI 202LIntro. To Human Anatomy & Physiology I LabNatural Science--
BIOH 213Biology of Behavior3BI 289Biology Elective---
BIOH 291Special Topicsn/cBI 289Biology ElectiveNatural Science--
BIOH 295Field Workn/cCASE BY CASE----
BIOM 250Microbiology for Health Sciencesn/cBI 214-General MicrobiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BMGT 212Critical Analysis for Businessn/cPhil 189Philosophy ElectivePhilosophy--
BMGT 216Psychology of Management and Supervision4BA 289Business Elective---
BMGT 242Front Line Supervision3BA 289Business Elective---
BMGT 245Customer Service Management3BA 289Business Elective---
BMGT 298Internship2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
BMGT 299Entrepreneurship3CASE BY CASE----
BMKT 109Visual Merchandising and Display3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
BMKT 112Applied Sales2BA 189Business Elective---
BMKT 114Psychology of Selling3BA 189Business Elective---
BMKT 225Marketing3BA 289Business Elective---
BMKT 240Advertising3BA 289Business Elective---
BMKT 265Social Media Strategies & Management3BA 289Business Elective---
CAPP 120Introduction to Computers2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CAPP 254Advanced MS Word3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CAS 140Addictions and Diversity3PSY 189Psychology Elective---
CAS 185Prevention Practices3SO 262Alcolism, Drug Abust and Dpendent BehaviorSocial Science--
CAS 191Special Topicsn/cPSY 189Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 195Field Placement I: Preventionn/cPSY 289Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 201Theories of Counseling3PSY 289Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 210Individual counselingn/cPSY 289Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 225Group Counselingn/cPSY 289Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 242Fundamentals of Substance Abuse and Addictions3PSY 289Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 243Substance Abuse Counseling I3PSY 304Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 248Substance Abuse Counseling II3PSY 289Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 250Assessment and Case Management Processesn/cPSY 289Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 260Addiction Assessment/Documentation3PSY 289Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 291Special Topicsn/cSO 289Sociology ElectiveSocial Science--
CAS 292Independent Studyn/cCASE BY CASE----
CAS 295Field Placement II: Treatmentn/cCASE BY CASE----
CHMY 121Introduction to General Chemistryn/cCH 111Essentials of Chemistry:- GeneralNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 122Introduction to General Chemistry Laboratoryn/cCH 111LEssentials of Chemistry:- General LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
COMX 102Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace1CO 189Communication Elective---
COMX 111Introduction to Public Speaking3CO 101Basic CommunicationBasic Communications--
COMX 115Introduction to Interpersonal Communication3CO 101Basic CommunicationBasic Communications--
COMX 140Introduction to Visual Rhetoric3CO 210Language and Nonverbal Behavior---
COMX 191Special Topicsn/cCO 189Communication Elective---
COMX 192Independent Studyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
COMX 205Deliberative Democracy3CO 289Communication Elective---
COMX 212Introduction to Intercultural Communication3CO 325Intercultural Communication---
COMX 217Oral Interpretation3CO 289Communication Elective---
COMX 219Survey of Children's Communication3CO 289Communication Elective---
COMX 242Argumentation3CO 289Communication Elective---
COMX 250Introduction to Public Relations3CO 215Introduction to Public Relations---
COMX 291Special Topicsn/cCO 289Communication Elective---
COMX 292Independent Studyn/cCASE BY CASE----
CRWR 210Introduction Fiction Workshop3ENWR 264Introduction to Creative Writing-WI-
CRWR 211Introduction Poetry Workshop3ENWR 264Introduction to Creative Writing-WI-
CRWR 240Introduction Creative Writing Workshop3ENWR 264Introduction to Creative Writing-WI-
CSCI 105Computer Fluency3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSCI 113Programming with C++ I3CS 189Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 135Fundamentals of Computer Science In/cCS 110Introduction to Programming with Java---
CSCI 136Fundamentals of Computer Science IIn/cCS 120Data Structures and Program Design---
CSCI 172Introduction to Computer Modeling3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 191Special Topicsn/cCS 289Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 215Social and Ethical Issues in CS3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 221System Analysis and Design3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 240Databases and SQL3CS 310Database Design and Implementation I---
CSCI 291Special Topicsn/cCS 289Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 298Internship2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 103Concrete Carpentry Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 120Carpentry Basics and Rough-In Framing4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 122Beginning Carpentry Lab5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 142Interior and Exterior Finish Carpentry4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 143Intermediate Carpentry Lab4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 171Site Prep, Foundations, and Concrete Installation3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 191Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 192Independent Studyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 201Advanced Concrete Working3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 205Advanced Carpentry Lecture6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 206Advanced Carpentry Lab2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 261Building Management3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 278Applied Building Practices Lab6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 279Commercial Construction4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 282Green Building Concepts and Design I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 283Green Building Concepts and Design II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 286Sustainable Construction With Mass Wood Panels, Wood High Rise Construction Techniques and Value Added Sustainably Harvested Timbern/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 291Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 295Practicumn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 299Capstone: Carpentry2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 101Introduction to Food Service5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 105Food Service Sanitation2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 156Dining Room Procedures3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 157Pantry and Garde Manger3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 158Short Order Cookery4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 160Soups, Stocks, and Sauces3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 161Meats and Vegetables3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 165Baking and Pastry3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 191Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 192Independent Study2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 199Coop Education/ Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 205Catering Management2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 210Nutritional Cooking3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 270Purchasing and Cost Controls5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 275Patisserie2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 298Internship4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 299Culinary Arts Capstone4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DDSN 113Technical Drafting3ENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 114Introduction to CAD3ENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 1163D CAD3ENGR 104*Engineering Elective--*If DDSN 110 + DDSN 111 is also completed
DDSN 135Solidworks3ENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 191Special Topicsn/cENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 192Independent Studyn/cCASE BY CASE----
DDSN 244GIS Mapping3GIS 110Introduction to GIS---
DST 120Electrical Systems8WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 128Engine Service I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 135Power Trains (MC)7WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 192Independent Study1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 221Brakes, Suspension, and Undercarriage6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 225Hydraulics (MC)6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 229Engine Service II7WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 230Air Conditioning3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 231Fuel Systems5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 235Advanced Power Trains2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 270Diesel and Gaseous Fueled Engines3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 271Power Generators5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DST 272Power Generation Controls4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECNS 201Principles of Microeconomicsn/cEC 201Principles of Economics ISocial Science--
ENSC 105Environmental Science3ES 189Environmental Science ElectiveNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
ENST 230Nature and Society3ES 289Environmental Science Elective---
ETEC 105DC Circuit Analysis4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 106AC Circuit Analysis3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 113Circuits Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 120Electrician?s Fundamentals NCCER Level I with NCCER Core Curriculum4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 122Electronics Lab I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 123Amplifier and Power Supply Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 125Introducation to Roboticsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 191Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 213Power Systems Technology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 214Energy Storage and Distribution Systems3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 245Digital Electronics4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 250Solid State Electronics I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 251Solid State Electronics II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 260Data and Network Communications3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 265Control Systems4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 270Wireless Communications4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 275Microprocessors and Microcontrollers4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 292Independent Studyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 299Electronics Capstone2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
FM 122Electricity5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
FM 123Carpentry6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
FM 127Low Pressure Boilers3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
FM 128Maintenance6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
FM 130Heating & Air Conditioning6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
FM 192Independent Studyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
GEO 101Introduction to Physical Geologyn/cES 111Earth ScienceNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
GEO 102Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratoryn/cES 189LEarth Science LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
HEO 146Safety and Basic Controls5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
HEO 148Operational Skill Bldg5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
HEO 150Job Simulation6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
HEO 151Service and Maintenance2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
HEO 153Const. Theory & Spec Equip5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
HIT 101Introduction to Health Care Informatics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
HIT 265Electronic Health Record in Medical Practice3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
HSTA 101American History In/cHI 121History of the United States IHistory--
HTR 107Introduction to Hospitality Management3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
HTR 201Hotel Management and Operations3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
HTR 298Hospitality Management Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ITS 150CCNA 1: Exploration3CS 189Computer Science Elective---
ITS 152CCNA 2: Exploration3CS 189Computer Science Elective---
ITS 165Operating System Commands and Scripts3CS 189Computer Science Elective---
ITS 210Network Operating System -Desktop3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 212Network Operating System -Server Admin3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 221Project Management3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 222Enterprise Security3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 255IP Telephony4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 271Securing Desktop/Mobile Devices4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 273Securing Networks4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 275Border/ Perimeter Network Security4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 277Software Assurance and File System Internals4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 280Computer Repair and Maintenance3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 289Professional Certification1CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 291Special Topics3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 292Independent Studyn/cCASE BY CASE----
ITS 298Internship/Cooperative Education2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 183Contracts2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 184Legal Ethics2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 185Intro Paralegal Studies3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 186Intro to Legal Research2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 187Leg Res & Writing I2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 188Principles of Real Estate2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 189Criminal Procedures3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 270Civil Litigation3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 272Computers & Lawn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 282Contemporary Legal Issues3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 283Trial Preparation3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 286Legal Res & Writing II2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 287Legal Res & Writing III2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 288Estate Administration2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 290Paralegal Internship2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 295SpTop: Adv. Legal Writing2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
LEG 298Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
LIT 110Introduction to Literature3ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
LIT 120Poetry3ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
M 105Contemporary Mathematics3MA 105Introduction to Contemporary Mathematical ApplicationsMathematics--
M 108Business Mathematics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 111Technical Mathematics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 115Probability and Linear Mathematics3MA 189Math ElectiveMathematics--
M 121College Algebra3MA 117Difference Equations and Linear AlgebraMathematics--
M 122College Trigonometry3MA 189Math Elective---
M 140College Math for Healthcare3MA 189Math Elective---
M 151Precalculus4MA 112Pre-calculus: Functions and GraphsMathematics--
M 162Applied Calculus4MA 121Differential CalculusMathematics--
M 65Prealgebra4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 90Introductory Algebra4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 95Intermediate Algebra3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MART 111Integrated Digital Artn/cCO 108*Communications Elective--*If Mart 214 is also completed
MART 112Introduction to Film Editingn/cCO 189/CS 189Communications or Computer Science Elective---
MART 214Digital Publishing and Design3CO 108*-Digital Publishing--*If Mart 213 is also completed
MART 232Interactive Web II3CS 202*-Web Design and Development--*If MART 231 is also completed
MCH 101Introduction to Manufacturing Processesn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 102Introduction to Manufacturing Materialsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 112Related Metals Processes I1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 114Related Metals Processes II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 115Related Metals Processes III3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 120Blueprint Reading and Intrepretation for Machiningn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 122Introduction to CAMn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 125Introduction to CNC Lathe Operationsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 127Introduction to CNC Mill Operationsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 129Machine Quality Control and Precision Measurementsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 130Machine Shopn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 132Introduction to Engine Lathesn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 134Introduction to Millsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 191Introduction to CNC Machiningn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 196Independent Study Variablen/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 198Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NASX 239Native North American History through Art and Material Culturen/cART 289Art Elective-- 
NRGY 101Introduction to Sustainable Energy3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 102Introduction to Sustainable Energy II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 120Industrial Safety and Rigging3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 192Independent Studyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 235Building Energy Efficiency4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 241Alternative Fuels3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 242Solar and Wind Systems3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 243Fundamentals of Photovoltaic Design and Installation3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 246Geothermal Energy Technology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 250Energy Finance3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 260Smart Grid Technology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 270Recycling Technology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 290Undergraduate Research3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 291Special Topics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 292Independent Study3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 298Internship2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 299From Field to Fuel Biofuelsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 130Fundamentals of Nursing7WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 135Pharmacology for Practical Nurses2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 139Gerontology for Nursing Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 140Adult Health Nursing4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 141Adult Health Nursing Clinical3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 149Leadership Issues for Practial Nurse Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 191Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 192Independent Studyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 230Nursing Pharmacologyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 231Nursing Pharmacology Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 232Foundations of Nursingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 233Foundations of Nursing Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 234Adult Nursing In/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 235Adult Nursing I Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 236Health and Illness of Maternal Nursingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 237Health and Illness of Maternal Nursing Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 244Adult Nursing IIn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 245Adult Nursing II Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 246Health and Illness of Child and Family Nursingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 247Health and Illness of Child and Family Nursing Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 252Cmplx Care Maternal/Child Clnt2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 253Cmplx Care Maternal/Child Clnt -Clinical1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 254Mental Health Concepts1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 255Mental Health Concepts Clinical1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 256Pathophysiology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 259Adult Nursing IIIn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 260Adult Nursing III Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 261Adult Nursing III Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 262Complex Care Needs -Adult Client2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 263Complex Care Needs -Adult Client Clinical2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 265Advanced Clinical Skills Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 266Managing Client Care for the RN2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 267Managing Client Care for the RN Clinical2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 291Special Topics2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSM 191Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NUTR 221Basic Human Nutrition3NU 289Nursing Elective---
PHAR 100Introduction to Pharmacy Practice for Technicians3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHAR 101Pharmacy Calculations3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHAR 102Pharmacology for Technicians6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHAR 104Pharmacy Dispensing Lab4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHAR 120Medication Safety3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHAR 121Preparation for the PTCB Examn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHAR 192Independent Studyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHAR 198Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHL 112Introduction to Ethics and the Environmentn/cPhil 206Environmental Ethics---
PSCI 191Special Topicsn/cPO 189Political Science ElectiveSocial Science--
PSCI 210Introduction to American Governmentn/cPO 104American National GovernmentSocial Science--
PSYX 100Introduction to Psychology4PSY 105General PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 161Fundamentals of Organizational Psychology3PSY 189Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
PSYX 191Special Topicsn/cPSY 189Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology3PSY 203Developmental PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 238Adolescent Psychology3PSY 238Adolescent Psychology---
PSYX 240Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology3PSY 306Abnormal PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 290Undergraduate Researchn/cCase By Case----
PSYX 291Special Topicsn/cPSY 189Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
SET 160Basic Electricity for RPE3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
SET 176Motorcycle/ATV Engines, Suspension, and Chassis3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
SET 177Motorcycle/ATV Electrical and Fuel Systems4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
SET 178Marine Electrical and Fuel Systems5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
SET 179Marine Powerheads and Lower Units6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
SET 180Snowmobile Maintenance and Repair I2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
SET 181Snowmobile Maintenance and Repair II2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
SET 182Computer Applications for Motorsports Professionals1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
SET 192Independent Studyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociologyn/cSO 101Introduction to SociologySocial Science--
SRVY 108Construction Surveying2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
SRVY 230Introduction to Surveying for Engineers3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
STAT 216Introduction to Statisticsn/cMA 207Elementary StatisticsMathematics--
WLDG 101Welding Fundamentals for Auto Tech/Diesel2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 103Welding Fundamentals for Construction Trades2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 117Blueprint Reading and Welding Symbols3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 145Fabrication Basics4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 150Welding Layout Techniques2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 180Shielded Metal Arc Weldingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 184OSHA Rules and Regulations -Welding1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 187Flux Core Arc Welding4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 191Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 192Independent Study4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 205Applied Metallurgyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 206Metallurgy in Welding4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 210Pipe Welding4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 215Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (integrated lab)4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 245Metal Fabrication Design and Construction4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 275Gas Metal Arc Welding4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 280Weld Testing Certification2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 285Automation in Welding3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 291Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WRIT 101College Writing I3ENWR 102College Composition IIComposition--
WRIT 121Intro to Technical Writing3ENWR 189English Writing Elective-WI-
WRIT 221Intermediate Tech Writing3ENWR 289English Writing Elective---
WRIT 95Developmental Writing3WILL NOT TRANSFER----