Montana Two-Year College Transfer Guide

Great Falls College - Montana State University

GFCCarroll College
ACT 194Seminar/Workshopn/cLAS 102Physical Education Activities---
ACTG 101Accounting Procedures I3BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 102Accounting Procedures II3BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 180Payroll Accounting3BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 201Principles of Financial Accounting3BA 203Principles of Accounting I---
ACTG 202Principles of Managerial Accounting3BA 204Principles of Accounting II---
ACTG 205Computerized Accounting3BA 289Business Elective---
ACTG 211Income Tax Fundamentals3BA 289Business Elective---
ACTG 298Internship1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 201Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 203Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 220Phlebotomy3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 250Electronic Medical Procedures2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 260Medical Assisting Laboratory Procedures I2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 262Medical Assisting Laboratory Procedures II2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 280Medical Assisting Exam Preparation1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 298Medical Assisting Externship4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 103Research in Health Information Management1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 105Health Care Delivery2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 106Healthcare Professional2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 108Health Data Content & Structure3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 109Disease Concepts2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 118Health Care Personnel and Supervision2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 142Introduction to Medical Terminology1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 144Medical Terminology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 156Medical Billing Fundamentals4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 157Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 158Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Healthcare3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 160Beginning Procedural Coding3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 164Beginning Diagnosis Coding: ICD-103WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 194Seminar/Workshopn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 201Medical Science3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 208Healthcare Statistics2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 220Medical Office Procedures3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 227Health Information Management3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 240Clinical Quality Assessment3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 252Computerized Medical Billing3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 255Medical Transcription I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 256Medical Transcription II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 257Medical Transcription III3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 258Practicum in Med Transcription3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 288HIT Exam Preparation3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 298Internship2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 101Physical Therapist Assisting I / Lab5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 105Introduction to Physical Therapist Assisting3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 201Physical Therapist Assisting II / Lab5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 205Anatomy and Kinesiology for the PTA6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 206Pathophysiology for the Physical Therapist Assistant3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 210Clinical Experience I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 213Neurorehabilitation for the PTA6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 215Introduction to Orthopedics4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 218Therapeutic Exercise for the PTA2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 220Clinical Experience II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 225Seminar and Project in Physical Therapist Assisting2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHPT 230Clinical Experience III6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 140Respiratory Care Clinic I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 141Respiratory Care Clinic II4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 152Respiratory Care3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 155Respiratory Physiology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 170Respiratory Care Techniques and Procedures I5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 171Respiratory Care Techniques and Procedures II5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 180Ventilator Management2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 240Respiratory Care Clinic III4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 241Respiratory Care Clinic IV5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 245Respiratory Care Clinical Seminar I1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 246Respiratory Care Clinical Seminar II1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 251Hemodynamic Monitoring4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 254Pulmonary Assessment3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 262Neonatal Respiratory Care3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 264Alternate Sites for Respiratory Care1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 273Pulmonary Function Testing1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 274Pulmonary Diseases2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHRC 280Supervisory Management2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 101Introduction to Surgical Technology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 115Surgical Lab I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 154Surgical Pharmacology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 200Operating Room Techniques5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 201Surgical Procedures I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 202Surgical Procedures II5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 250Surgical Clinical I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 251Surgical Clinical II5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHST 298Surgical Internship5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 101Patient Care in Radiology2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 105Introduction to Radiologic Technology2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 130Radiographic Positioning/Procedures I2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 131Radiographic Positioning/Procedures II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 132Elements of Imaging I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 133Elements of Imaging II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 195Radiographic Clinical8WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 225Radiobiology/Radiation Protection3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 230Radiographic Positioning/Procedures III4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 231Radiographic Positioning/Procedures IV2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 233Elements of Imaging III2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 270Radiographic Registry Review2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 295Radiographic Clinical10WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHXR 298Internship8WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AMGT 90Introductory Keyboarding3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ANTY 101Anthropology and the Human Experience3AN 189Anthropology ElectiveSocial Science--
ARTH 160Global Visual Culture3Art 189Art ElectiveFine ArtsGD-
ARTZ 101Art Fundamentals3ART 189Art ElectiveFine Arts--
ARTZ 105Visual Language -Drawing3ART 112DrawingFine Arts--
BGEN 105Introduction to Business3BA 100Introduction to Business---
BGEN 235Business Law3BA 289Business Elective---
BIOB 101Discover Biology4BI 101Life ScienceNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOB 160Principles of Living Systems4BI 121Foundations of Cell and Molecular BiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOB 170Principles of Biological Diversity4BI 122Foundations of Organismal BiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOH 104Basic Human Biology4BI 102Human BiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOH 108Basic Anatomyn/cBI 189Biology Elective---
BIOH 112Human Form and FunctIon I4BI 189Biology Elective---
BIOH 113Human Form and Function II3BI 189Biology Elective---
BIOH 201Human Anatomy and Physiology I (=301)4BI 201Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology INatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOH 202Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratoryn/cBI 201LIntro. To Human Anatomy & Physiology I LabNatural Science--
BIOH 211Human Anatomy and Physiology II (=311)4BI 202Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology IINatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOH 212Human Anatomy and Physiology II Labn/cBI 202LIntro. To Human Anatomy & Physiology I LabNatural Science--
BIOM 250Microbiology for Health Sciences4BI 214-General MicrobiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOM 251Microbiology for Health Sciences Labn/cBI 289LBiology Elective---
BMGT 205Professional Business Communication3CO 225Professional Communication---
BMGT 210Small Business Entrepreneurship3BA 289Business Elective---
BMGT 215Human Resource Management3BA 289Business Elective---
BMGT 235Management3BA 289Business Elective---
BMGT 277Principles of Strategic Management3BA 289Business Elective---
BMGT 299Entrepreneurshipn/cCASE BY CASE----
BMKT 225Marketing3BA 289Business Elective---
BMKT 240Advertising3BA 289Business Elective---
BMKT 242Introduction to Global Markets3BA 289Business Elective---
CAPP 101Short Courses: The Internet2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CAPP 106Short Courses: Computer Applicationsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CAPP 112Short Courses: MS Powerpoint1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CAPP 114Short Courses: MS Wordn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CAPP 116Short Courses: MS Exceln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CAPP 158MS Access3CS 213*Management Information Systems--*if CAPP 266 is also completed
CAPP 194Seminar/Workshopn/cCASE BY CASE----
CHMY 101Discover Chemistry3CH 189Natural Science elective---
CHMY 121Introduction to General Chemistry4CH 111Essentials of Chemistry:- GeneralNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 122Introduction to General Chemistry Laboratoryn/cCH 111LEssentials of Chemistry:- General LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 123Introduction to Organic & Biochemistry4CH 112Ess of Chem:- Organic & BiochemistryNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 124Introduction to Organic & Biochemistry Laboratoryn/cCH 112LChemistry LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 141College Chemistry I4CH 101General Chemistry INatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 142College Chemistry Laboratory In/cCH 101LGeneral Chemistry I LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 143College Chemistry II4CH 102General Chemistry IINatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CJUS 121Introduction to Criminal Justice3SO 189Sociology ElectiveSocial Science--
CJUS 125Fundamentals of Forensic Science2SO 189Sociology ElectiveSocial Science--
COMX 102Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace1CO 189Communication Elective---
COMX 111Introduction to Public Speaking3CO 101Basic CommunicationBasic Communications--
COMX 115Introduction to Interpersonal Communication3CO 101Basic CommunicationBasic Communications--
CRWR 240Introduction Creative Writing Workshop3ENWR 264Introduction to Creative Writing-WI-
CSCI 100Introduction to Programming3CS 189Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 105Computer Fluency3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSCI 111Programming with Java I3CS 110Introduction to Programming with Java---
CSCI 132Basic Data Structures and Algorithmsn/cCS 120Data Structures and Program Design-- 
CSCI 211Client Side Programmingn/cCS 289Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 213Web Programming Techniquesn/cCS 289Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 214Server-Side Web Programming & Administrationn/cCS 289Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 223Software Developmentn/cCS 289Computer Science Elective---
CSCI 240Databases and SQLn/cCS 310Database Design and Implementation I---
CSTN 110Construction Technology I12WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 210Construction Technology 212WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 105Food Service Sanitation1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DANC 194Seminar/Workshopn/cDNC 128Introduction to DanceFine Arts--
DDSN 114Introduction to CADn/cENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 135Solidworksn/cENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DENT 101Introduction to Dental Hygiene/Preclinic2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 102Introduction to Dental Hygiene/Preclinic Lab2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 104Introduction to Dentistry1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 110Theory of Infection Control and Disease Prevention1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 115Head, Neck, and Oral Anatomy4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 116Dental Office Management2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 118Oral Anatomy for Hygienists3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 120Oral Radiology/Radiography I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 121Oral Radiology/Radiography II2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 122Radiology I/Lab3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 123Chairside Theory and Practice I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 124Chairside Theory and Practice II4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 125Radiology II/Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 130Dental Materials2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 140Dental Sciences/ Preventive Dentistry4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 145Dental Specialties3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 150Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory I2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 151Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 160Periodontology I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 165Oral Histology and Embryology2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 195Clinical Office Practice and Seminar7WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 220Dental Nutrition Health3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 223Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory II2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 232Community Dental Health and Education2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 235Professional Issues and Ethics in Dental Practice2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 237Gerontology and Special Needs Patients2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 240Local Anesthesia/Nitrous Oxide Theory and Lab2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 250Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory III1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 251Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice II4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 252Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice III5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 260Periodontology II2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 263General and Oral Pathology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 280Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory IV1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DENT 281Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice IV5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECNS 201Principles of Microeconomics3EC 201Principles of Economics ISocial Science--
ECNS 202Principles of Macroeconomics3EC 202Principles of Economics IISocial Science--
ECP 100First Aid and CPR1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECP 104Workplace Safetyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECP 120Emergency Medical Responder3HPE 199EMT - Basic (limit of 6 credits total)---
ECP 131Emergency Medical Technician with Clinical7HPE 199EMT - Basic (limit of 6 credits total)---
ECP 203Fundamentals of Advanced Care3HPE 199EMT - Basic (limit of 6 credits total)---
ECP 209Paramedic I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECP 211Paramedic I/II Lab2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECP 212Advanced Cardiac Life Support1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECP 240Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECP 241Pediatric Advanced Life Support1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECP 298Internship: Paramedicine6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDU 200Introduction to Education3ED 102*Foundations of Education--*if EDU 202 is also completed
EDU 211Multicultural Education3ED 289Education Elective---
EDU 221Educational Psychology and Measurement3ED/PSY 229Educational PsychologySocial Science--
EDU 270Instructional Technology (=370)3CS 103Intructional Media and Technology --
ELCT 100Introduction to Electricityn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ELCT 102Electrical Fundamentals IIn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ELCT 110Basic Electricity In/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ELCT 111Electric Meters and Motorsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ELCT 120Basic Industrial Controls3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ELCT 130Electric Motors and Generators3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ELCT 137Electrical Draftingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ELCT 250Programmable Logic Controllers3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 130Panel Wiring and Solderingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 220Electrical Power and Distribution I3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 230Electrical Power and Distribution II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 231Electronic Drive Systems3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 234Automatic Controls4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 236Intro to Industrial Robotics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 245Digital Electronics4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
GDSN 101Design Topics and Principles3CO 189Communications Elective---
GDSN 130Typography3ART 189Art ElectiveFine Arts--
GDSN 200Introduction to Desktop Publishing3CO 108Digital Publishing---
GDSN 221Publishing and Pre-press3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
GDSN 248Digital Illustration II3ART 289Art ElectiveFine Arts--
GDSN 249Digital Imaging II3ART 289Art ElectiveFine Arts--
GEO 101Introduction to Physical Geology4ES 111Earth ScienceNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
GEO 102Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratoryn/cES 189LEarth Science LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
GRMN 194Seminar/Workshopn/cCASE BY CASE----
HIT 230Overview of Health Information Systemsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
HIT 265Electronic Health Record in Medical Practice3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
HSTA 101American History I3HI 121History of the United States IHistory--
HSTA 102American History II3HI 122History of the United States IIHistory--
HSTA 255Montana History3HI 231Montana and the WestHistory--
HSTR 101Western Civilization I3HI 101Topics in Global HistoryHistory--
HSTR 102Western Civilization II3HI 102Topics in Global HistoryHistory--
HTH 105Exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicine2HS 189Health Sciences Elective---
HTH 120IV Therapy for Health Care Providers1HS 189Health Sciences Elective---
HTH 140Pharmacology for Health Care Providers2HS 189Health Sciences Elective---
HTH 150Personal Health and Fitness2HPE 189Health & Physical Education Elective---
HTH 180Pharmaceuticals for Health Care Providers1HS 189Health Sciences Elective---
HTH 201Health Issues for Educatorsn/cHPE 289Health & Physical Education Elective---
IDSN 101Introduction to Interior Design3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 110History of Design I Ancient -19003LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 111History of- Design II 1900 -Contemporary3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 122Textiles and Interior Finishes3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 130Interior Design Graphics3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 131Presentation Drawing3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 135Fundamentals of Space Planning3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 191Special topicsn/cLAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 225Light, Color, and Lighting Systems3LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 230Interior Architectural CAD4LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 232Advanced Digital Graphics2LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 240Studio I Residential4LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 250Studio II Commercial4LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 266Kitchen and Bath I3LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 267Kitchen and Bath II3LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 275Professional Practices3LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 298Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ITS 125Fundamentals of Voice and Data Cabling3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ITS 210Network Operating System -Desktop4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 215Network Operating Stytems -Directory /Infrastructure4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 217Network Operating System -Server Admin/Apps4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 220Fundamentals Of Wireless LANS3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 224Introduction To Linux3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 255IP Telephony3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 256CCNA Security3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 260CCNP: Routing (=362)4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 264CCNP: Switching (=364)4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 274Ethical Hacking and Network Defense3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 280Computer Repair and Maintenance4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 299Capstone: Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
LIT 110Introduction to Literature3ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
LIT 270Film and Literature3ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
LIT 291Special Topics3ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
LSH 201Introduction to the Humanities3LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
LSH 244American Cultural Values3LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
M 105Contemporary Mathematicsn/cMA 105Introduction to Contemporary Mathematical ApplicationsMathematics--
M 111Technical Mathematicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 114Extended Technical Mathematicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 120Mathematics with Health Care Applicationsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 121College Algebra3MA 117Difference Equations and Linear AlgebraMathematics--
M 140College Math for Healthcaren/cMA 189Math Elective---
M 151Precalculus4MA 112Pre-calculus: Functions and GraphsMathematics--
M 161Survey of Calculusn/cMA 189Mathematics ElectiveMathematics--
M 171Calculus I4MA 121Differential CalculusMathematics--
M 172Calculus II4MA 122Integral CalculusMathematics--
M 191Special Topics3CASE BY CASE----
M 273Multivariable Calculus4MA 233Multivariable CalculusMathematics--
M 274Introduction to Differential Equations4MA 232*Differential Equations & Linear Albegra 1Mathematics-*If M 221 is also completed
M 65Prealgebra3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 90Introductory Algebra4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 95Intermediate Algebra4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 98Introductory and Intermediate Algebra5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MART 231Interactive Web I3CS 202*-Web Design and Development--*If MART 232 is also completed
MART 232Interactive Web II3CS 202*-Web Design and Development--*If MART 231 is also completed
MART 233Interactive Web III3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
MCH 101Introduction to Manufacturing Processesn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 102Introduction to Manufacturing Materialsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 120Blueprint Reading and Intrepretation for Machiningn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 122Introduction to CAMn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 125Introduction to CNC Lathe Operationsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 127Introduction to CNC Mill Operationsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 129Machine Quality Control and Precision Measurementsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 130Machine Shopn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 132Introduction to Engine Lathesn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 134Introduction to Millsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 268CNC Machining In/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MUSI 101Enjoyment of Music3MUS 261Music AppreciationFine Arts--
MUSI 103Fundamentals of Musical Creation3MUS 189Music ElectiveFine Arts--
MUSI 203American Popular Music3MUS 165American Popular MusicFine Arts- 
MUSI 207World Music (=307)3MUS 289Music ElectiveFine Arts--
NASX 204Introduction to Native American Beliefs and Philosophy3AN/SO 289Anthropology/Sociology ElectiveSocial Science--
NASX 232Montana Indians: Cultures, Histories, Current Issues3SO 289Sociology ElectiveSocial ScienceND 
NASX 240Native American Literature3ENLT 215NIntroduction to LiteratureLiteratureND 
NRGY 101Introduction to Sustainable Energy3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 110Fundamentals of Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 120Industrial Safety and Rigging3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 130Fundamentals of Mechanical Systems3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 210Wind Technician Safety4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 220Wind Turbine Equipment3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRGY 230Wind Turbine Operations and Maintenance3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 130Fundamentals of Nursing7WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 131Fundamentals of Nursing Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 135Pharmacology for Practical Nurses3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 136Pharmacology for Practical Nurses Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 140Adult Health Nursing7WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 141Adult Health Nursing Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 142Nursing Care of Women and Children3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 143Nursing Care of Women and Children Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 148Leadership Issues for Practical Nurse2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 149Leadership Issues for Practial Nurse Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 152Gerontology and Community Nursingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 153Gerontology and Community Nursing Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 230Nursing Pharmacologyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 231Nursing Pharmacology Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 232Foundations of Nursingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 233Foundations of Nursing Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 234Adult Nursing In/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 235Adult Nursing I Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 236Health and Illness of Maternal Nursingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 237Health and Illness of Maternal Nursing Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 244Adult Nursing IIn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 245Adult Nursing II Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 246Health and Illness of Child and Family Nursingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 247Health and Illness of Child and Family Nursing Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 254Mental Health Conceptsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 255Mental Health Concepts Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 256Pathophysiologyn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 259Adult Nursing IIIn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 260Adult Nursing III Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 261Adult Nursing III Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 266Managing Client Care for the RNn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 267Managing Client Care for the RN Clinicaln/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
NTS 104CCNA 1: Introduction to Networks3CS 189Computer Science Elective---
NTS 105CCNA 2: Routing & Switching3CS 330*Networking Technologies--*If NTS 204 is also completed
NTS 204CCNA 3: Scaling Networks3CS 330*Networking Technologies--*If NTS 105 is also completed
NTS 205CCNA 4: Connecting Networks3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
NUTR 121Clinical Human Nutrition2NU 208Nursing Elective---
NUTR 125Introduction to Professions in Nutrition and Dietetics1HS 189Health Sciences Elective---
NUTR 221Basic Human Nutrition3NU 289Nursing Elective--
NUTR 222Introduction to Nutrition Services Management3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NUTR 225Basic Life Cycle Nutrition3NU 289Nursing Elective---
NUTR 226Food Fundamentals3HS 289Health Sciences Elective---
NUTR 230Nutrition Counseling3HS 289Health Sciences Elective---
NUTR 245Introduction to Medical Nutrition Therapy3HS 289Health Sciences Elective---
NUTR 251Community Nutrition2HS 303Health Sciences Elective---
NUTR 252Community Nutrition Laboratory3HS 289Health Sciences Elective---
NUTR 260Food Service Management3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NUTR 261Food Service Management Laboratory3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NUTR 270Nutrition Medical Therapy3HS 289Health Science Elective---
NUTR 271Nutrition Medical Therapy Laboratory3HS 289Health Science Elective---
PHAR 100Introduction to Pharmacy Practice for Technicians2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHAR 101Pharmacy Calculations3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHAR 198Internship4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHL 101Introduction to Philosophy3Phil 101Perspectives in PhilosophyPhilosophy--
PHL 110Introduction to Ethics3PHIL 107TIntroduction to EthicsPhilosophy--
PHL 221Introduction to Philosophy and Biomedical Ethics3PHIL 208BioethicsPhilosophy--
PHOT 154Exploring Digital Photography4ART 113Digital PhotographyFine Arts--
PHOT 194Seminar/Workshopn/cCASE BY CASE BASIS----
PHSX 110Applied Physicsn/cPHYS 189Physics ElectiveNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
PHSX 205College Physics I4PHYS 201Physics INatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
PHSX 220Physics I (with calculus)4PHYS 205Physics Using Calculus I: MechanicsNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
PSCI 210Introduction to American Government3PO 104American National GovernmentSocial Science--
PSYX 100Introduction to Psychology3PSY 105General PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology3PSY 203Developmental PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 240Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychologyn/cPSY 306Abnormal PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 260Fundamentals of Social Psychologyn/cPSY/SO 216Social PsychologySocial ScienceND-
SIGN 101Introduction to American Sign Language3FL 189Foreign Language Elective-ND-
SIGN 201Intermediate American Sign Language3FL 289Foreign Language Elective-ND-
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology3SO 101Introduction to SociologySocial Science--
SPNS 101Elementary Spanish I4SP 101Acquisition of Spanish I-GD/ND-
SPNS 102Elementary Spanish II4SP 102Acquisition of Spanish II-GD/ND-
STAT 216Introduction to Statistics4MA 207Elementary StatisticsMathematics--
WGSS 242Gender and Equality3GNDR 206Perspectives in GenderSocial Science--
WLDG 100Intro to Welding Fundamentals3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 110Welding Theory I2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 111Welding Theory I Practical3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 117Blueprint Reading and Welding Symbols3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 120Welding Theory II1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 121Welding Theory II Practical3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 130Introduction to Structural Welding3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 145Fabrication Basicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 185Welding Qualification Test Preparation2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 191Special Topicsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 205Applied Metallurgy2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 212Pipe Welding and Layout (integrated lab)n/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 217Advanced Blueprintn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 237Aluminum Welding Processesn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 245Metal Fabrication Design and Constructionn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 260Repair and Maintenance Weldingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 280Weld Testing Certificationn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 281Weld Testing Certification Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 298Internship/Cooperative Educationn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
WRIT 101College Writing I3ENWR 102College Composition IIComposition--
WRIT 104Workplace Communications2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WRIT 121Intro to Technical Writingn/cENWR 189English Writing Elective-WI-
WRIT 122Introduction to Business Writing3ENWR 189English Writing Elective---
WRIT 201College Writing II3ENWR 302Expository Writing-WI-
WRIT 220Business and Professional Writing3ENWR 289English Elective---
WRIT 95Developmental Writing4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WRIT 98Accelerated Developmental Writing1WILL NOT TRANSFER----